Saturday, April 19, 2008

We are Here!!! Finally.....

We arrived last night after a two and half hour delay out of Amarillo. Seems that the inbound flight from DFW was short a flight attendant....someone forgot they had to work. This delay caused us to miss our connecting flight out of DFW to Washington Reagan. Fortunately the ticket agents in Amarillo were able to get all three of us on the same flight at a later time into D.C. Instead of spending a couple of hours in DFW as a layover, we were sooo lucky that we got to spend it in the glorious Amarillo airport. It really wasn't to bad except for Carson constantly asking when are we going to get on the airplane.

All is well and we get to the hotel last evening after a quick bite to eat. There are 50,000 kids(only a slight exaggeration) at our hotel from an organization called People to People. We are waiting for the elevator, it opens and about 10 kids rush out of the elevator, and Carson rushes in before we can get in. The doors start to close and Wayne and I immediately try to block the doors from closing all the way and Carson getting lost somewhere in the hotel. Now normally, elevator doors open when you break the beam allowing the doors to reopen. Not these... the doors slam on Wayne and my arms. We are both stuck as well as Carson on the inside of the elevator. we call for help and the hotel manager comes, and calls for the engineer. He finally shows up and works for quite a while and is unable to get the doors open. I was able to get my arm out, but Wayne purposely kept his arm in the door to keep it from going up. Another woman and I went up to our floor so that the guy could send it to our floor and get Carson out on the right floor. About five minutes later the doors open and there is Carson... just happy as a clam... and totally not concerned in the least. Needless to say... we were glad to get to our rooms finally. The hotel has apologized profusely and made several concessions for us for the rest of our stay.

Now on to some FUN stuff. We spent Saturday morning in D.C. doing some of the "typical tourist" stuff. We drove around several of the monuments. This is Carson standing in front of the Tidal Basin with the Jefferson Memorial in the background. He is about 2 yards from the edge... and I held my breath, taking this picture.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the day. Carson and Wayne in front of the White House. Of course I had the boy in a Texas t-shirt.

This is probably my favorite of the day. We walked up the steps of the Capital building and they had beautiful fountain and the prettiest tulips I have ever seen!

We were walking down from the Capital, and there must have been several hundred police come running up the steps in full riot gear. We had no idea what was going on, but we continued on our way. We ended up stuck in the worst traffic ever, just trying to get away for the Mall area. There were thousands of police in riot gear all over the place. We heard on the radio, that there was a neo-nazi rally on the Mall, and the police were in force because of the protesters were in near riot mode. Needless to say... it was an interesting day.

I have a ton more pictures... but I will save that for another day! We did manage to get in some serious house hunting done in the afternoon, and I will have pictures of the ones we have narrowed it down to later. Tomorrow we are off to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History... Carson wants to see some DINOSAURS!


Anonymous said...

Kari, this is my 1st visit to your blog and I got to see how your trip is going.. I love the picture of Carson with the flowers. I hope that you guys have a great trip. Tell Wayne Hi for us.

Wendy & Richard

Kassie said...

Love the pictures. I hope that you have a great rest of the trip.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Carson with the flowers. You should enter it in a contest! We hope you guys are having a great time. Have a safe trip and we will be praying for yall!

Steve, Jill and Alexis