Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ladybug! Ladybug! and Imaginary Friends.

I mentioned a couple of posts back that Carson thinks he can get butterflies to land on his fingers if he stands very very still. For one thing, he can't stand very still for very long, and two most butterflies just are not attracted to little boys.
I could never smash anything because I could not stand "the crunch". So when I couldn't stomach it, I had him do my dirty work. He used to randomly smash all sorts of bugs. He did learn rather quickly to avoid stinkbugs! But he never ever smashed ladybugs, he was always very fascinated by them, and could spend hours letting them crawl all over him, and then he would carefully find a flower or plant to let them go in so they could eat. Yesterday, Carson spent a bit of time outside and found several new friends. This ones name was Vico...and she stayed around for a little bit so we could take her picture.
Lately I have noticed that when Carson does something he shouldn't do he blames it on Caden. His best friends name is Caden, and I asked him why he was blaming stuff on Caden, when he wasn't even here. He said that Caden lives here all the time and his other Caden comes to visit. I asked him if you could see Caden all the time and he said only when I want to. I realized that we have our first imaginary friend. It goes so far that our guest room is Caden's room, and we now have to give Caden a snack when he gets one. I know this is normal behavior, particularly in only children. I asked his therapist, what she thought about it, and she reassured me that it was actually a good thing, and a developmental milestone of sorts. Caden B. you should feel honored, Carson loves you so much he named his invisible friend after you!


Kassie said...

I love the pictures of Carson. It is somthing with little boys and bugs. My friends soon loves rolly pollys and the will open up in his hand and walk around.

Carri said...

I am so glad that are biys are friends!! I think it is too cute that Caden is his imaginary friend!