Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Carson's Upcoming Trip to Virginia / DC

Yesterday I called my local Corporate American Express travel office and explained that I needed to make some arrangements. First, I personally needed to get from DC to Austin, Tx this coming weekend since I am attending a conference and training session there all next week then I also needed to get Kari and Carson from Amarillo to DC via DFW. The plan was that I would leave Austin about the same time that Kari & Carson would leave Amarillo we would meet up at DFW and fly back to DC all together, sounds simple, and that the agent assured me that she had it completed and all I had to do was wait for the itineraies to be e-mailed. Oh and I also asked that on all the flights that Kari & Carson sit together.

So this morning I sign into my corporate e-mail and pull up the itineraies, mine is ok, Kari's is ok, Carson's well let me just say that his was different. When we meet up in Dallas we all are suppose to be on AA flight # 1374 leaving DFW at 2:30pm and arriving in DC at 6:25pm her seat number is 31F. Carson as we all know is special and unique so guess what AA booked him on an entirely different flight. He is booked on AA flight # 1200 leaving DFW at 1:05pm and arriving at 4:59pm, his set number is 31E. He and Kari has adjoining seats, just on different flights. That is a middle seat and I hope that the people sitting on either side of him will watch and take care of him. I also hope that when they arrive in DC that he knows mommy and daddy are on the next flight in from DFW 90 minutes later. I'm sure that he will be waiting at the gate for us, yes I'm sure a couple of Metropolitan Police Officers (thats what they are called in DC) as well as maybe a TSA agent will be guarding over him.

Now let's talk about seat assignments, on the flight from Amarillo to DFW, AA flight # 3762 Kari is in seat # 10B, and Carson is in seat # 16B, I can see him running up and down the aisle now, he would like that, I don't think mommy will. On their return from DC to DFW they are on AA flight # 437, her seat is 15D, his is 23C - C & D are next to each other - oh wait 8 rows apart - I think that means more running. Finally on AA flight # 3353 from DFW to Amarillo she is in 8B, and he is in 9B, 1 row apart - I think in horseshoes that is a ringer.

We haven't even departed and the trip is off to a good start. Can't wait to see how the rest of this trip turns out.

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firemedicsteve said...

Thanks for the invite to ya'lls blog. Wayne, dont let those yankees steer you away from texan talk like ya'll. Good luck to you and your family as you open many new doors and may God bless you in them all.