Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Little Boy to Big Boy Right of Passage

I just got this awesome phone call from my little boy Carson - as I picked up the phone and said hello (thinking it was Kari) excited he says "my tooth is loose my tooth is loose" I asked which one and he said the one right next to the other tooth daddy...LOL he thinks that I can see through the phone. Anyway at 5 1/2 years old my boy is now starting that right of passage from having his baby teeth to getting his adult teeth. It is not ready to fall out yet it will take a little time. I know this will be a scrapbook page, one of probably many - will she do a page per tooth - that might require it's own album. We also need to call the tooth fairy and put him on notice - what's the going rate these days, in my days (slightly after stone age) it was $ .50 / tooth. Also does it have to be cash or can it be a dinosaur, or a reading book?

signed a very excited daddy who misses his litte buddy

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