Monday, March 31, 2008

The Great Adventure Began 10 Years Ago...

Babe, I know that I do not have to remind you that our Great Adventure started over 11 years ago. In some little chat room on AOL in January of 1997. First and foremost I think back to those first few months of us getting to know each other through AOL and on the phone, and me incurring $400/month phone bills. Little did we know back then that we would be walking together down this path of life that began "The Great Adventure". I can even recall when I wanted to end it even before it really had a chance to take off, and your suggestion of meeting in OKC for that weekend in May of 1997. After that weekend I think we only missed a weekend or two between then and December 20th 1997 when you became my wife. Ok for the record you are my 4th wife, 3rd if we don't count marrying Claire twice, regardless of the numbers of times I have been married your the one that I have been married to the longest - 10 years, and your the one that I wish I had been married to since the first time I got married. that would be 28 years on April 19th. I think it was funny that Claire commented that you and I would not last 2 years - we have beaten that 5 times over. Let's send her a hallmark, she's probably on # 6 by now, we know # 5 died.

We have gone through a lot over the 10 years, losing my mom, the moves, us being apart for 3 1/2 years, Carson coming into our lives on 9/15/2002, me losing my job at Bell but nothing was more painful than what we have recently gone through with our Carson. Being apart from you and us going through that was pure HELL. Our strong faith, our family, our friends and even our Carson held us together so that we could get beyond that. I know we made some agonizing and hard decisions during that process and we recently were notified that everything was unfounded, we knew that would be the outcome all along but when we saw it in black and white it was worth the pain, the tears, and the one thing that I do not think I have yet said to you was that I'm glad it was US together going through that. I have always been proud of calling Carson my son, but I have never been more proud of him that day he was questioned by the investigator about what happened at school. He never wavered, never lied, and told the complete and honest truth.

Virginia here we come, in my opinion this is a good thing for us. First we get a new start here as a family, we have relatives in Virginia (Kari), New Jersey (Wayne), and New Hampshire (Wayne) that we will be visiting occasionally. We are also closer to the Atlantic Ocean, and very close to going annually to see the 4th of July from the Washington Mall - like Carson said he can't wait to ride "The Polar Express Fireworks Train" aka - Washington Metro rail system. Ok I have ranted enough and Kari just called wanting to know if I was done with my posting.

The Great Adventure Begins!

The Great Adventure Begins! Well after much pressure from an unnamed source(CB) I will join in all the hullabaloo.. and create a blog... for what purpose at this point? I don't satisfy some weird need to put it all out there? Most definitely not! I know that a lot of what I write will be read by very few, if anyone.... so another reason might be that I want to create something for the family... so they can keep up with the happenings that will be occurring once we move to Virginia..maybe? I know that with Wayne in Virginia now, and us still here in Texas this will be an easy way for him to see what is going on in Carson and my everyday life. From time to time, I hope that I can convince Wayne to post as well... to keep all of us informed on the daily happenings in his life as well. Whatever purpose this blog serves.... I hope that you enjoy :)
Many of you know that we have recently endured a trying couple of months. Wayne's job situation, the possibility of relocating and then the ultimate blow was a ridiculous accusation against Carson at school. I am proud to say that we have prevailed... better yet.. GOD has prevailed! Wayne accepted a position in Arlington, Virginia, and he started that job on Feb 11th. Which does mean that we will be relocating... this is a GOOD thing. Carson and I are still in Texas, and will be heading to Virginia in June. It is tough on all of us... particularly on Carson. He misses his DADDY terribly.....
We received a letter from the investigating agency, that cleared Carson of the horrendous accusations against him. And we are hoping to continue with school in the next week or so.
For those of you that don't know, Carson has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and Sensory Processing Disorder. Both are a form of Autism. Most people hear Autism and think of Rainman... we are not talking that degree at all... Autism is considered to be a wide spectrum of syndromes (for lack of a better word) with many degrees of severity. He happens to fall into the extremely high functioning end of the spectrum. Most Aspergers children are highly intelligent, normal children, with quirks... that mainly affect the social areas of his life. The main area of concern for us in Carson was lack of impulse control. This is where the Sensory Processing Disorder is most prominent. He is unable to handle over stimulating environments. He is a child that needs set boundaries of personal space. When hyper stimulated, he is unable to stop himself from acting out. We are learning, through the help of his occupational therapist what to do to help him acclimate to these situations and how to overcome all his brain is trying to sort.
Bored yet??? Anyway...with this introduction into our daily lives... I will leave you with this.... quote... that lately has come to mean a lot to me personally....
"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass.... but in learning how to dance in the rain"