Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a child I can remember hoping and praying for there to be enough snow for school to be cancelled! Now as a teacher, I can hope and pray for school to be cancelled. Everyone had been telling me that this area of Virginia, does get snow, however the past couple of winters have been very mild with little to no snow. The county we live in is very cautious and has been known to cancel before the first flakes fall, due to a tragedy several years ago. Sometimes they miss it, and school is out and there is no snow, and sometimes they nail it right on the head. Fortunately for us they nailed it..... school was called this morning about 5:30...not a snowflake to be seen...but all the weather stations were telling us it was on the way. So after I saw the news bright and early this morning, I snuggled back in bed for a few more hours. Carson is sleeping with me this week, since daddy is out of town, and I didn't even bother waking him up.

About 8:30 he woke up, and looked at me and said...we missed the bus...He was kinda upset about it too. But I told him to go look out the window and see if he saw anything. He let out the loudest scream...so excitedly exclaiming that it was snowing! Big, gigantic, humongous snowflakes were falling, the grounds were all covered as were the trees, and it was sooooo quiet. I forced him to wait.... (I know, I am a MEAN mom)...while I took a shower, and got dressed before he went out and played in the snow. I am convinced he would have gone out in his underwear if I had let him.

We headed over to the next door neighbors house first, because she called and said she had a sled for Carson to use. We dug that out and he was off....first he made snow angels.Then he helped mommy clear Miss Anne's sidewalks and driveway. We have to clear in front of the mailboxes or they won't deliver mail...so he did that too! The child is finally earning his keep!They we headed across the street to the small hill to try out the sled.

So far we have about four inches...supposed to snow all day and night though...so hopefully a few more inches. The only bad thing about this is that they are saying that tomorrow this is all supposed to turn to rain and ice over...Now THAT will be a huge headache. There is no school tomorrow anyway due to a scheduled in service...YAY! another day at home!!!

The boy is sound asleep as I write this... he wore himself out playing in the snow...I have a huge pot of beans cooking, along with homemade bread, and we are going to venture out this afternoon and make a snowman. Movies, and hot chocolate are in line for this evening. I LOVE SNOW DAYS!!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It Really is a Small World....

Over Christmas break, while I was in Texas, I went to my favorite nail salon and got my nails done. I needed a fill and I had the day off today and drove around looking for the closest one. I found one that was open and walk in, put my name on the list and wait patiently to be called back for my one indulgence. I noticed one of the ladies working, and I thought she looked kinda familiar, but I have serious trouble remembering how, and WHERE I know someone from. Anyway I get called back and the tech is working on me, and asks me who did my nails last time, and I mentioned that I had them done in Texas. She perked right up and wanted to know what part of Texas. I told her Amarillo, and she starts talking to the lady I mentioned earlier that I "thought" I knew. She comes over to me and asks me what salon, and I tell her, and she gets all excited.....get this she used to do my nails at my old salon in Amarillo.....Her brother still works there. Here I am in Virginia, and this is the second person that I have met who used to live in Amarillo....it really is a small world.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Two Weeks....

I have been back at work for two weeks now, and while I do come home more mentally tired than physically tired. I also feel a sense of accomplishment that I haven't felt in a long time. There are days that I feel so incredibly blessed with Carson...Lord, knows he is not perfect, but he is ours....loved beyond measure, and teaching me everyday to be thankful....because it could be so much worse.

Home life has changed somewhat, I am not used to flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to meal preparation. I like to know ahead of time what I am fixing for supper....meaning if Wayne doesn't tell me what he wants....I don't have to cook ...right? Carson is eating more lunch at school, simply because he thinks it's cool...it really has nothing to do with the fact that I am too rushed to make him a lunch and a snack every day as well as my own. Time management is an area that I am working on.... no longer can I say oh a small nap now or laundry....I have to do the laundry......unfortunately..the laundry fairy doesn't ever visit here...and surprisingly Wayne doesn't know where the laundry room is in this house. I do recall he used to do laundry quite often in Texas....must be a Virginia thing.

Carson is adjusting to me not meeting him at the bus stop every afternoon....after all what kid wouldn't like going to a friends house where they have all the cool toys....at least for a half hour every afternoon.

Sadly there are a few things that are getting neglected....my blog for one, and my passion of scrap booking is the other. Fortunately, we have a four day weekend. School is out for Martin Luther King day on Monday, and the Inauguration on Tues. (one of the fringe benefits to living so close to D.C.).
So today, all three of us kicked butt and cleaned this house top to bottom....believe me when I say top to bottom....it is three stories, and I despise cleaning!

Tonight, I hired our first sitter since moving, and Wayne and I are heading in to D.C. to eat at a favorite seafood joint, and perhaps do some shopping. Hopefully it won't be too crazy there yet. Then WE have the rest of the weekend after church tomorrow to do whatever! I am gonna scrapbook!

Monday, January 12, 2009

You Know He's Really Tired When....

he doesn't even make it up the stairs. He must be in a real growth spurt or something...because he is sleeping all the time. When we were in Texas, he would get up in the morning at the CRACK of dawn and be back asleep in a couple of hours. I'm not complaining mind you, just finding it odd..some of the places kids can fall asleep in.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Does Anyone Know????

Why do toothaches ALWAYS hurt worse at night????? I have had it with my teeth, and if I could convince my dentist... I would get them all pulled and get dentures. We have dental insurance, so in December I realized we haven't used any of it, and the benefits don't roll over. So I made an appointment for Carson and I. I had some major areas of concern, basically all the work I have had done in the past two years was falling out or needed to be replaced. I made an appointment to get some fillings, and both of those turned into root canals and crowns. The dentist was able to put temporary fillings in, but I would need the root canals and crowns asap in the the New Year. The good news about this was that I was able to use every bit of my benefits last year...plus some extra...I will most likely use all of this years benefits in one appointment too.
We were getting ready to fly to Texas, and I start with a toothache...small at first...but I soon realize that it is an abscess....in the tooth with one of the temporary fillings. Dentist calls me in a antibiotic, and some pain meds. We head to Texas....and I kid you not every single night my teeth would kill me. I can bear it during the day...but nights are the worst. Day before we leave to come home, the other tooth with the temporary now has abscessed...so I am back on my second round of antibiotics....dealing with dental crud. Good news..... I am seeing the endodontist on the 20th....unless I can convince the dentist...I want dentures!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2008 in Review

Got this link from my cousin in New Jersey, I think it sums up 2008 very nicely. Click here to view the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWiXy55OHyY&eurl=http://www.unclejayexplains.com/media/UJ%2012-22-08.wmv/&feature=player_embedded

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ahhhh..... Home Sweet Home!

We are finally home, we had a tremendous time, spent with family and friends. I will admit that ever since moving out of Texas, I have looked forward to the return. We had been in Amarillo, for all of an hour or so and I turned to Wayne and told him that it felt like we had never left. I mean nothing was really any different....it will always be my home, and Wayne, being the Yankee that he is also agreed that Texas is home. I say all that only to say this..... we got home last night about 2:15 in the morning. NOTHING is better than walking into your own home, and sleeping in your own bed. As much as we agree that Virginia is now our home, Texas will always have our hearts.

I am sad that several people we contacted were unable for whatever reasons, to visit with us.....but I am glad that we saw the dear friends that we did, and am thankful for the friendships that we have.

The cats were glad to see us, my neighbor who was feeding them, said she never saw them the entire two weeks. Wayne picked up Petey the dog from his visit at the doggie resort, and he was ever so glad to see us.....he didn't eat hardly anything and seriously lost some weight. I am not too concerned because the first thing he did after pooping in his own yard was eat a bowl full of dog food.

Now begins the monumental task of getting everybody back on schedule for school and work, unpacking everything, and putting up all the Christmas decorations. I was smart and did all the laundry in Texas, so at least that is done. Carson is also very impatiently waiting for the boxes of stuff that Santa brought to get here in the mail. He thought that they would magically be in his room when he got home last night.