Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Blogoversary!!!!!

I cannot believe that it has already been a year since I started this blog. Originally it was created as a means to update Wayne while he was in Virginia, and we were still in Texas. I once felt compelled to post each and every day....now I am lucky to post once a week. I have used this blog as a sounding board, a place to share some moments in our lives that were glorious, and some that were the hardest things we have ever had to deal with. Now this blog mainly serves to maintain contact with family and friends in Texas.

The purpose may have changed, and that is ok. Life has changed tremendously for the George household. We moved across country away from family and friends to Fredericksburg, Virginia. We left some amazing relationships that we were blessed with, only to find we have been blessed here with some pretty awesome new friends. We are building some new relationships that are taking us in directions we never imagined.

Carson started Kindergarten, and is thriving in the structure of an all day program. He is reading, and growing, and learning new things everyday. I swear if he stands still long enough you can see him actually get taller. He rebounded quickly and made many friends at school. He still has some issues, but we seem to have a hand on them, and it helps that he continues to have amazing teachers.

I went back to work....seriously not something I had planned on doing, but now it has evolved into something I need to do. Not only for the joy of teaching, but for the relationships that I have made in the workplace again. (Those relationships are somewhat hard to kindle when you are self employed). As it stands right now I will be teaching the rest of the year, not in the Special Education classes that I love, but I will be coming back after Spring Break as the Art teacher. I keep telling myself that this is a GOOD thing. I do after all have an Art degree, I have never really used, and I will still be in the classroom, and I will still get to see my special kiddos, if not everyday then at least once a week. I will admit to actually dreading this stint in Special Ed, and look where that got me :) So......perhaps...... God willing, I will enjoy teaching Art as well.

I am starting classes this summer to get my Master's of Education In Special Education....another degree, but one that I am really looking forward to using.

And just because... here some links to some of my favorite posts over the past year. Seriously...we have done so much and seen so much, I cant begin to put all my favorites on here...but here are a few standouts!

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Ok... I gotta stop... there are a few more to post.... but seriously...does anyone ever click the link??? Besides I wanted to post some pictures that I took yesterday. We went up to D.C. after all. The weather turned out amazing, Carson was punch drunk from being cooped up for four days, and he was back to normal. So here are a few teasers..... more to come in a future post.

Smiles everyone... and thanks for reading for the past year!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Best Laid Plans....or is it Best Made Plans.

This was the weekend we were planning on going up to D.C. to see the cherry blossoms, however, Carson had other plans. About Monday of last week, I went to pick him up at the sitters. Usually I can't get him to leave, he has a teenage boy as his after school sitter, who he LOVES. They play football, basketball, soccer, if it is outside and has anything to do with sports they are all over it. I can't begin to tell you how much of a blessing it is for us and for Carson to have this kid as positive role model in his life.

Anyway, Monday, I go to pick him up and he is ready to go home, he doesn't want to play at all. We get home and he falls asleep immediately, and sleeps all night long. Same routine for Tuesday, wants to come home and falls asleep immediately. I take his temp, slight fever, says he doesn't feel well, so Wayne makes plans to work from home. Wednesday morning Carson is right as rain, and absolutely refuses to stay home from school. Wayne worked from home, just in case. Wednesday night, repeat the past two nights, but throw in a high fever. Carson stays home on Thursday and Wayne again works from home. They head to the pediatrician and a nasal swab indicates that Carson has Influenza B. He spikes a fever at 3 am of 104.5. Scares us to death!

This wouldn't be a major thing to a lot of parents, but Carson really hasn't been sick in 3 years! He is six.....yes the occasional cold etc, but nothing like this that seriously lays him out flat!
Anyway.....we are not going to D.C. this weekend, we are going to try and head up this next weekend and make the rounds with all the other million or so people. The good news is next weekend is supposed to be the peak weekend and the parade, so it should be fun!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring is in the Air!

Just because I like this picture! I don't know about the rest of the country...but it seems like we have been stuck in the dull, dreary, doldrums of winter forever. The cold and rainy mess for the past week or so, finally gave way to a beautiful weekend. I mean if you are going to have nice weather, it is kinda nice to get to enjoy it instead of being stuck inside the classroom.

Sunday, Wayne, Carson and I went out searching for the elusive evidence of Spring. Cherry blossoms are starting to pop open all around us, but nowhere near what is to come up in D.C. We are planning on a trip up next weekend to see the blossoms all around the Tidal Basin. We know it is going to be packed with people, but it is something I personally have looked forward too ever since we moved here.

We decided to drive down to the river and see what if anything was blooming there yet. We didn't find anything blooming, but it is still an amazing backdrop to take some pictures of the boy. I love this shot...holey jeans and all!This was the day for goofy grinsPetey wasn't thrilled with the photo session.See....more goofy grins! We had to at least touch the water!
We spent some time enjoying the weather and then headed down to Ferry Farm. Ferry Farm is the boyhood home of George Washington, and about 2 miles from the house. There are some gorgeous trees blossoming all along the side of the road so we pulled over and captured a few images.
This is driving into old town Fredericksburg.
I think this is a weeping cherry tree?This weekend we are planning on making the trip up to D.C. to see the cherry blossoms up close and personal. Look for a complete post with lots of pictures soon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Mind of a Six Year Old!

This morning as I was getting something green for Carson to wear to school, I explained to him it was St. Patricks Day and we needed to wear green so we don't get pinched. He got a funny look on his face and thought for a minute. Then he piped up and asked if he could wear pink instead. I asked him why pink, and he said that Patrick was pink and we should wear pink instead of green. I must have a had a funny look on my face because not two beats later, he asked me if we wear yellow for Sponge Bob day..... Me thinks the boy watches too much tv.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Please Remember Carter!

A few posts back I mentioned a classmate of Carson's that is dealing with a brain tumor. He is five years old and no child should ever have to deal with the stuff this little guy is dealing with. Please remember him in your prayers, along with his family. He is dealing with radiation at this point and seems to be responding well. So keep the prayers going up! For more information a blog has been created called Carter's Crusaders. We are a bunch of Moms, friends etc, and we are crusading for Carter, raising money to help offset medical costs. If you would like to visit and receive updates on Carter his blog is http://www.carterharris.blogspot.com/. Please drop in, follow it if you like, and cover him and his family in prayer!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a Difference a Week Makes!

Last Sunday...it was cold, and snowing....while I don't have the official totals (11 inches in our backyard), we missed 2 days of school plus had a 2 hour delay on Wednesday when we finally got back to school. Yesterday it hit 78 degrees....sunny, slight breeze, and beautiful. Today temps topped out at about 83 degrees. Gorgeous! Crazy weather! I guess all areas of the country have crazy weather, here is definitely no exception. It just really makes me long for the warmer weather to hang around a bit. I am not looking forward to the humidity and heat that comes with summer, just some nice warm weather.

Tonight we took a walk to the park down the street. We stopped and talked to neighbors we haven't seen all winter, and enjoyed the extra daylight. We opened all the windows and aired out the house....it is amazing how stuffy a home can get all closed up. I am kinda itching to do some spring cleaning, and plant some flowers. But... tomorrow is Monday, and back to work, and from what I understand the temps are supposed to drop back to the 40's for a high temp. It was good while it lasted!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Much Fun....Round 1

Ok...I looked at the calendar and it DID say that today was March 2nd. Right? The weathermen were joking last night that we are 4 weeks away from the Cherry Blossoms...and this is what we have this morning.

We are still getting accustomed to the weather here. One difference we have noticed.....when it gets cold.....it stays cold. In Amarillo, it could be 75 degrees one day, and 6 the next. Constantly changing weather. We have had some warmer days here and there, but they seem to be few and far between.
This snow started yesterday afternoon, and it was snowing continuously for about 16 hours. Weathermen locally have been complaining about the lack of snow for this season, are all now rejoicing that at least they got this one right. As of last check we have about 9-10 inches. The sun is starting to peek through as I write this, so it looks to be a beautiful, crystal white afternoon. A bit windy, but with very few drifts.

Carson woke up this morning, and was chomping at the bit to run outside and PLAY! I did manage to get him to at least wait for me and his dad. Wayne chose to work from home after our power went out sometime during the night and the alarm didn't go off. So we have a day to play!

School was called out last night, and the ONLY schools in the area that are in today happen to be the schools in the District. Hmmmm wonder if that was because of the Presidents comments during the last minor snowfall. Calling us wimps....We most likely will be out of school until Wednesday, at the earliest...could even be until Thursday. Time will tell. Hopefully, they can get the roads cleared and we can back in sooner.....I have a full plate of school work to do, and NEED to get it done.

This was last evening after about 2 hours of snow.
The same shot this morning...this is the backyard.This is off the front porch.The snow measures about 9 inches...up to Carson's knees at times.I LOVE this picture.....gotta catch some flakes!Can't tell but this is a drift behind the truck...Carson was standing.We got the sled out and walked across the street for a couple of quick runs. It was really deep out in the open, and Carson (and mom) had trouble walking back up the hill.It was even too deep for snow angels.....this is the boy attempting to get up after he failed at making one.Carson managed to make a couple of mean snowballs...and NAILED Wayne!

Of course Dad had to have the LAST word...and Carson got a face full. This quickly ended round one of the snow play..... I am sure we will be back again this afternoon.Petey...did NOT like the snow at all..... he couldn't walk in the deep yard..so he did all his business on the driveway where it wasn't as deep.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Prayers for my son's classmate!

Please add little Carter to your daily prayers. Carter is a five year old Kindergartner, here in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He began having trouble seeing, slurring his speech, and losing his equilibrium. Pediatrician was able to get a rush MRI done yesterday, and is showed a large tumor deep in the cerebellum. From what I understand, it is inoperable. The doctors are pursuing different treatments to shrink, and hopefully eventually rid his young body of this horrible diagnosis. Please remember this family, his mother and father, and especially little Carter.

Please pray specifically for his mom, a sweet friend of mine. This is devastating news to any mother, and I can only imagine how she must be feeling. I have seen God's power first hand, and am standing believing that Carter can and will be healed, and that his life will be a great testimony for all. Please pass this along to ANY believer.....the more praying the better.