Saturday, May 24, 2008

Graduation Pics!

Ok ... before you say it... I know it is ONLY preschool graduation... I think I have 175 pictures that I took that night...I am a little on the obsessive side.... I know. Seriously the boy is in for it when he graduates from high school. I really hate to think what will happen when he graduates from college.

Something interesting.... we were looking at school websites for pre-enrolling Carson in kindergarten next year. The enrollment form stated that they are now enrolling the kindergarten class of 2021..... TOTALLY FREAKED ME OUT! 2021... that seemed so far into the future... but is really just around the corner. Of course it was really only yesterday that I graduated from high school... in 19something or other!


Kariberry said...

That is so so cute! My Micah has SK graduation on the 5th of June. He will wear a cap & gown too. I will have pictures as well. TFS :)

Carri said...

Kari, he did so good at graduation! AND the whole 2021 thing is freaky and that means Caden will be the class of 2022! How weird and sad....they are going to be graduating highschool before we know it!