Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Some Pages From my Crop

Finally got a few pictures of some of the pages I got done on Saturday. I had planned on staying until midnight, but seeing how my hubby surprised me for Mother's Day I figured I would surprise hubby and I left about 9:15. I was able to get 12 pages done! This is huge for me because I am lucky if I get 3-4 done in a 12 hour period. I am way too anal about matting all pictures etc. But I did something Saturday that I never have before... I used CTMH's paper pack Magic Moments for about 8 of those pages. They are all pre-printed with the matts etc... so easy! I used this paper pack for some pictures of our mini vacation from last summer. Mainly from the Dallas World Aquarium. There was a lot of pinks in this pack, but they worked with the aquarium pictures quite well.

This was just a sampling... and of course I still need to journal and embellish... but the hard stuff is done!

I also was able to get a four page layout done from the Fort Worth Zoo. I had originally intended to use the CTMH paper pack Expedition, but the colors were off.. and the paper I did use just made the pictures pop. I used a tru fit folio so this will be a flip page when all assembled.I did not embellish anything... I always do that at home... Or I would never use all the stuff I already have... I would be constantly buying new stuff to do it there.


Melissa said...

Those are awesome!!! I wish I had taken the time to learn how to do that. What a cool art!

Nicole said...

Your layouts are darling, I love the Magic Moments with your pics they do go perfect pink and all!! Your Mother's Day weekend sounds wonderful, what a sweet husband to surprise you like that and I am glad you got your camera!! I love your tender story too about Carson's birth mother. I also have been checking out your Green Eggs and Ham recipe site! It is awesome. Have a great week!!

Nicole Martin

Kariberry said...

Kari love your pages. And you even used PINK! :)
You can always do a LO of yourself.

Kassie said...

I love the layouts you did a great job.