Wednesday, May 7, 2008

These Boots Were Made for Walkin!

Carson had a pair of hand me down boots from my nephew that he wore when he was about two. He wore them occasionally but never really seemed to like wearing them. A couple of months ago, we were invited to a couple of birthday parties, and they were both cowboy themed birthday parties. I found a pair of cowboy boots at Payless Shoes and convinced Carson to try them on. He loved them! We now wear our cowboy boots with everything. My favorite "look" is the shorts, t-shirt, and cowboy boot look. It is oh sooo very West Texanish and very Carson! Now I can't get the boots off of the boy! I expect that this will become a huge fashion trend in Virginia once we get there. You can all say you knew Carson before he was such a trend setter.


Kariberry said...

My 6 yo Micah has a pair of boots like that. He'd sleep in them if i'd let em. He loves to wear them with shorts. (last summer) too funny.

Wayne said...

Hey Momma that boy needs a 10 Gallon cowboy hat, chaps, and some spurs on those boots

Keri said...

One of my favorite combinations on little boys for sure!