Saturday, May 17, 2008

Old New Hampshire Friends

I headed to NH on Friday to pay my parents grave a long overdue visit. The last time I was there was in April 2002 to bury my mom who passed away in December 2001. It was a long overdue visit and I sat there for a while cried, talked and realized that the 2 evergreen bushes my mom had planted years ago needed some trimming. My older son, Peter who lives in the same town was suppose to be maintaining the bushes had kind of let them get carried away. No problem I borrowed some tools and took care of them myself. Also raked away a ton of leaves that got caught underneath the overgrown bushes. The I went to Lulls Farm, a local NH fruit / veggie / flower farm just up the road bought some red and white geraniums and planted them. Mom would of turned 88 this coming Monday.

After taking care of the cemetary plot I decided that it was time to look up a few old and close friends who I also had not seen in at least 6 years and who although we talked on the phone or via e-mail ocassionally it is always better to see them in person. First up was my good friend, Billy. Billy and I were on the Milford NH Fire Department together back in the 80's and 90's and we have a special bond of being firefighting brothers. He was also the best man in our wedding. So as I drove by his house he was out on his lawn tractor mowing his large yard, with his back to the road I drove up behind him and as he looked over his shoulder he could not believe that I was there. We talked for about an hour and then he needed to finish and I had others to see.

The I drove over to Hollis, NH and stopped at the local gas station that is still operated by the same guy. His sons and I attended high school together and a couple of them also served with me on the Hollis Fire Department. I ran into a good friend at the garage, Chip. Chip and I talked for quite a while and he said that he would call Kristen and Greg (husband and wife) and maybe the 4 of us could do dinner. Later in the afternoon, Chip called and said that dinner was going to be at Shorty's at 7:30. Well we all get there and the laughter and fun begins and it was a total blast. Kristen, and I were EMT's on the Hollis Fire Department and we had shared many a call together and relived some of them tonight. Chip was also on the Hollis Fire Department, and use to be Kristens boy friend. Kristen, also reminded me about my alledged lumber stealing incident (goes back to fall of 1990 or 1991) - it's a whole story in itself and I thanked her for reminding me. Long story short, it was good to see these friends of mine, to share some so so Mexican (NH idea of Mexican) food, and more than anything to laugh and listen to stories you have heard before 1,000 times but like fine wine they always get better. Kristen and Chip came to the conclusion that I have been missed and that the heck with moving to Virginia, I'm wanted back in NH - so Kari don't get to comfortable in Virginia - just kidding.

On Sunday it is back to Virginia, and then on Wednesday I leave for Texas and to a special guys Pre-K graduation.

Kristen, Chip, Greg, and Billy - thanks for the time we shared today and now that I'm only 500 miles away instead of 1,600 let's get together more often.

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