Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Catching Up!

It is the 9th of February and we are snowed in, and out of school for over a week...I decided what better time to catch up on the blog and hopefully rekindle a joy that I found in blogging.

Carson and I both started back to school in September...Carson in first grade, and myself as a first year Special Education teacher for children with autism. While it keeps both of us busy...I love working in the same school that Carson attends.

We immersed ourselves in everything Conway and had a blast doing so.... This is the 1st annual Trunk or Treat.
Myself with the Cougar

Carson wanted to be a police officer...closest we could find that wasn't too cheesy was a S.W.A.T costume.... HE LOVED it and was mighty cute!

The Trunk or Treat coincided with Spirit week and we all got involved!

Thanksgiving came, and relatives couldn't make it in...so the three of us, along with a teacher friend who could not get home, celebrated the holiday together.
We starting preparing for Christmas, but mother nature had different plans and dumped 18 inches of snow on us on the 19th of December....as a result we missed the last two days of school before Christmas break.
Carson got clobbered in a snowball fight.
But he LOVED every single minute of the snow...

Loved this shot and played around with it in Photoshop

Wayne borrowed a snow blower from a neighbor and Carson had a BLAST!

Christmas Eve came and we prepared for Santa and the reindeer with cookies, milk and carrots. Of course we had to leave Santa a letter.

We tracked Santa on NORAD and waited patiently....

This was our first Christmas in Virginia, and while it was nice with just our little family...we missed friends and family in Texas tremendously...

Santa was on the ball this year and FINALLY brought Carson the drum set he had been asking for for the past couple of years. Santa was ever so wise and brought a drum set that ONLY works with headphones...or plugged into a stereo system....Carson doesn't own a stereo system...and if I get my way...he never will :)
The day after Christmas we loaded up the car and left cold and snowy Virginia...for cold and rainy Florida...and WALT DISNEY WORLD. But first we stopped in St. Augustine Florida and played on the beach for a couple of hours.

Carson Loved running on the beach...and I was hard pressed to keep his shoes on..and his toes out of the water.
One day, I hope he grows into his teeth....
Had to leave his mark...
On to Disney World....

I LOVE this boy!!!!!
We saw lots of characters....
Our Favorites Lightning McQueen and Towmater!The man of the hour MICKEY!
Wayne and Carson goofing off on the bus to Disney's Hollywood Studios
Teacups were a MUST at the Magic Kingdom....
We had Breakfast with Mickey at Chef Mickey's
I think Carson was smitten with Minnie!Goofy helped to cook our breakfast!As did Pluto.
We stopped at a couple of resorts along the way to sight see... This is the Polynesian.The GINORMOUS Christmas tree in the Grand Floridian.AND the MONSTROUS Gingerbread house in the Grand Floridian.
Carson and Dad rode the Splash Mountain.
We spent New Year's Eve in the Magic Kingdom...we stood with 750,000 of our closest friends and waited for the fireworks. While we waited, the light show on the Castle was amazing.

Carson lasted for about an hour and then collapsed and slept on the street...until the firework show. More of the Castle and the many colors.....
And THEN...... the fireworks started.......And it was definitely worth the wait......

This is just a brief glimpse of all that has kept us busy since September. As of this writing we are going on day four of being snowed in...and are waiting the next round of snow that mother nature sends us. We missed all but one day last week at school...and so far we are out until at least Friday. Who knows... I may really get back into blogging....before this snowcation is over!