Thursday, February 19, 2009

God is Pretty Amazing....

I really don't believe in coincidences much anymore, however, I do believe in Divine Intervention. There are just too many "coincidences" that are Divinely appointed in my life to think it was all a cosmic happening or something of the sort. Carson being the biggest, greatest example of God's timing in our lives....just the whole process of events that led up to his birth, the gift his birth mother provided us in blessing us with him, and even his autism diagnosis. All are uniquely Divine in timing, and what leads me to where I am. When I decided to go back to work this year as a substitute teacher, I went back believing that I would pick and choose when and where I worked. I would have the flexibility to stay home if I wanted to even......then I subbed in a special ed class last fall. One day, I was hooked...seriously one day in this classroom of 5 and 6 year old boys, with moderate to severe autism. Then I was asked to fill in long-term while the teacher is on maternity leave, and have been doing it since the beginning of this year. The difference in what I was doing as a sub, and what I am doing drastic. When I subbed, I was in the class with the younger boys, now that I am subbing for the teacher, I am in an inclusion (general education) class with 24 third graders. Two of which, are diagnosed with moderate autism. My job is to accomodate these two boys, so that their educational goals are met, while the gen ed teacher, teaches the rest of the class. More often than not I am repeating the same thing 85 million times, answering the same question, and reminding the boys, to have calm hands and quiet mouths. I never in a million years pictured myself going back to teaching.... I haven't taught elementary level since 1991.... a looong time ago, and something, that while I enjoyed it, I didn't feel called to it...if you know what I mean.

Tonight, I went to an informational meeting at Mary Washington University Graduate School, on teacher licensing. I was expecting to go to this meeting and be told that I needed to take umpteen courses to get my Masters of Education degree in Special Ed, emphasis on autism. Since I already have a Masters of Science degree......all I have to take is one class. ONE CLASS! and I will be able to teach this Fall! It will be a provisional, meaning that I have three years to complete the 15 hours needed to get my Masters of Ed degree. This is seriously a no brainer for me....I can take this one class this summer, at night and teach this Fall. I was told tonight, that I would almost be guaranteed a teaching position, and that they are desperate for Special Ed teachers! How is this Divine? I was never going to get back in the classroom. I never figured I would love special ed.....not just enjoy it, but love it. I truly believe that God knew that so long ago, and lined everything up so that when the desire was kindled in would all fall into place.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ok..... I'm gonna do it...

Tomorrow night I am heading to an informational meeting to figure out what is needed for me to do in order to get my Virginia State Teachers License in Special Education. From what I understand with my Masters degree already, most likely all I will need is 3 classes to get a Provisional license. Meaning I can teach while getting my degree.

That's right.... I am loving teaching so much...... I want to do it full time again! Call me crazy, but there is a huge shortage of teachers in Special Ed. Particularly with an Autism specialty. The teacher that I am teaching for is coming back in 6 weeks, and I am kinda sad about it...I love those boys! But I will definitely continue to sub at this school for the rest of the year!Plus two incomes has been kinda nice now too!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's time for Valentine's Card making

You have to start them young.... plus I have never really likes the cheesy little boxes of Sponge Bob or Spiderman valentines that are available now. I always prefer to make our own. Last year Carson and I made his Valentines, and I had to do 99% of the work this year, he was all about stamping and inking, and writing! We started on Monday night....figured it would take us all week to complete the 30 some odd number of Valentines he needed to make, but once I had all the paper cut, he went right to town. I forgot to take pictures of him stamping, because I was just enjoying watching him have fun.We had no spelling errors...thank goodness. I had him stamp a few extras...just in case!

What a cheesy, goofy grin... Another cheesy grin....but that just distracts you from the fact that he is not wearing his jeans.....The finished product....Normally, I am all about perfection... but he picked the colors, the stamps and the candy we put in the bags.... I let him have at it... and I LOVE them! He did really good on his stamp placement... as a matter of fact he was a little obsessive about them all being in the exact same spot. The only things that I did was the lettering...(I figured we would be here til June if he had to write all that out),the taping and the stapling.Not bad...for a six year old!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Year Ago...

I walked into the reception area on the 12th floor of the Vangent Office building in downtown Arlington, Virginia as a new employee thankful to have a job after being unemployed for just over 2 months. I consider that extremely fortunate, especially in today's economy. Ron the guy who hired me basically sight unseen, interviewed me over the phone and told me that while we were talking he e-mailed HR and told them to hire me. Ron told me yesterday that he is glad that I'm here and that he knows he can let me do what it is that I do without having to worry about it getting done.

Since today is February 11, 2009, I have completed my 1st year with Vangent. Seems like it has not been a year but it has. A lot has transpired in the past year, noteably us moving to Virginia, Carson entering Kindergarten, Kari getting a job as a full time substitute, making new friends, exploring Virginia, and having to again pay state income tax (Texas does not have a state income tax).

Today is also Freedom day in that if I were to voluntarily leave the company now I would not have to pay back the $25,000 (gross - after taxes it was about $16,000) they gave us for relocation from Texas to Virginia - not that I'm planning on leaving. I like working here, the bosses and peers like me, the customer loves me, and it is nice to come to work and actually enjoy it.

Now if I can only get a job back in New Hampshire (NH also does not have a state income tax)....LOL...just kidding Kari.

Oh by the way my lovely and young bride of 11 years turns 45 tomorrow (2/12) so please take a moment and send her a birthday wish. Hey Babe your getting closer to that BIG 0 - I mean "50"

Saturday, February 7, 2009

You know you are settling in when...

Since today was a Saturday, and yesterday was payday we made our monthly trek to Costco, BJ's, Walmart and the sort. We went to Costco first, and we ran into two different people that we have met since moving here. Went to Walmart, and again ran into two different friends. I commented to Wayne, that it is nice to KNOW people now. We have been here six months, and we feel so settled. Now, if we could only have ALL of our friends from everywhere, here....THAT would be bliss!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What Kind of a sick Mom am I ???

I know not the best quality... but what can I say .... my son .... is truely all boy! He only does this if we aren't watching him! Just so you know...he is eating noodles like Lady and the Tramp!