Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Year Ago...

I walked into the reception area on the 12th floor of the Vangent Office building in downtown Arlington, Virginia as a new employee thankful to have a job after being unemployed for just over 2 months. I consider that extremely fortunate, especially in today's economy. Ron the guy who hired me basically sight unseen, interviewed me over the phone and told me that while we were talking he e-mailed HR and told them to hire me. Ron told me yesterday that he is glad that I'm here and that he knows he can let me do what it is that I do without having to worry about it getting done.

Since today is February 11, 2009, I have completed my 1st year with Vangent. Seems like it has not been a year but it has. A lot has transpired in the past year, noteably us moving to Virginia, Carson entering Kindergarten, Kari getting a job as a full time substitute, making new friends, exploring Virginia, and having to again pay state income tax (Texas does not have a state income tax).

Today is also Freedom day in that if I were to voluntarily leave the company now I would not have to pay back the $25,000 (gross - after taxes it was about $16,000) they gave us for relocation from Texas to Virginia - not that I'm planning on leaving. I like working here, the bosses and peers like me, the customer loves me, and it is nice to come to work and actually enjoy it.

Now if I can only get a job back in New Hampshire (NH also does not have a state income tax)....LOL...just kidding Kari.

Oh by the way my lovely and young bride of 11 years turns 45 tomorrow (2/12) so please take a moment and send her a birthday wish. Hey Babe your getting closer to that BIG 0 - I mean "50"


anita said...

Thanks for bringing Kari back to Virginia. Even though she's not closer, she's a whole lot closer than Texas or New Hampshire!

I'm glad you like your job. I know what it's like to hate your job and I'm also fortunate to love mine.

And my daughter shares her birthday with Kari~but Sara is turning 16 tomorrow!

Anita :)

AaronB said...

Happy Birtday, Kari!