Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's time for Valentine's Card making

You have to start them young.... plus I have never really likes the cheesy little boxes of Sponge Bob or Spiderman valentines that are available now. I always prefer to make our own. Last year Carson and I made his Valentines, and I had to do 99% of the work this year, he was all about stamping and inking, and writing! We started on Monday night....figured it would take us all week to complete the 30 some odd number of Valentines he needed to make, but once I had all the paper cut, he went right to town. I forgot to take pictures of him stamping, because I was just enjoying watching him have fun.We had no spelling errors...thank goodness. I had him stamp a few extras...just in case!

What a cheesy, goofy grin... Another cheesy grin....but that just distracts you from the fact that he is not wearing his jeans.....The finished product....Normally, I am all about perfection... but he picked the colors, the stamps and the candy we put in the bags.... I let him have at it... and I LOVE them! He did really good on his stamp placement... as a matter of fact he was a little obsessive about them all being in the exact same spot. The only things that I did was the lettering...(I figured we would be here til June if he had to write all that out),the taping and the stapling.Not bad...for a six year old!


Kariberry said...

WOW that's great! We bought the cheesy Spider Man Valentines. LOL But i like your idea better. Sam is 9 and really didn't even want to make any this year. But then he did. He had second thoughts about giving some to the girls in his class. Gosh, i'm not looking forward to his tween years. Yikes.

Kisha! said...

Kari - your boy is getting so big - he's adorable! thank you for your kind words - we are grateful for all of our friends and their prayers - we can feel them sustaining us through this whole ordeal!


anita said...

Sooooo cute! I miss the Valentine days. :(

Melissa said...

Great job Carson! Love them!