Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ok..... I'm gonna do it...

Tomorrow night I am heading to an informational meeting to figure out what is needed for me to do in order to get my Virginia State Teachers License in Special Education. From what I understand with my Masters degree already, most likely all I will need is 3 classes to get a Provisional license. Meaning I can teach while getting my degree.

That's right.... I am loving teaching so much...... I want to do it full time again! Call me crazy, but there is a huge shortage of teachers in Special Ed. Particularly with an Autism specialty. The teacher that I am teaching for is coming back in 6 weeks, and I am kinda sad about it...I love those boys! But I will definitely continue to sub at this school for the rest of the year!Plus two incomes has been kinda nice now too!


Your Photo Tips said...

It's good what you do. I don't know that I could sub much less teach Special Ed.

Truly, there is much more need for people like you in this crazy crazy world we live in.


~renay~ said...

That's AWESOME!!

anita said...

You go girlfriend!