Saturday, August 14, 2010

Seriously....where does the time go???

How can something that used to be so important to me, have fallen so far by the wayside? We are all busy people and I guess that I can use that as an excuse just like everything else. Playing catch-up seems inevitable, so a brief picture of what has happened in the last six months seems appropriate.

At last writing we were in the midst of several weeks worth of blizzards...more snow than I have seen in ages. We were out of school for a total of 13 days...of which we DID have to make up the time lost by adding minutes to the school day for the rest of the year.
Carson completed first grade, and I got the ever so important first year of teaching under my belt. While the stress level of the school year seems to have mellowed over the summer, I am still enrolled full-time as a graduate student, working on my Masters of Education degree. At times, I wonder if I would have been better suited to have chosen the circus as a career path simply because all I felt I was capable of doing was juggling one thing for the other, often at the expense of my family. I am happy to say however, that we ALL survived!

In April, I managed a quick trip back to Texas without Carson or Wayne to see my family. Mom had some recent surgery, and I needed to touch base and was blessed to get to spend time with them. From Amarillo, I flew to Boston and met Wayne and Carson and we headed up to his old stomping grounds in New Hampshire. We were able to spend some time with some dear friends and let Carson have a glimpse of where his daddy grew up.
As I mentioned earlier...the school year ended..quite successfully I might add. My "boys" all nine of them blessed me in so many ways! I learned as much if not more from them as they did, hopefully from me.

Carson started his first ever season of Little League and he decided all on his own that he prefers baseball over soccer. With this being a learning season for him, he did quite well and wants to continue with baseball again next season. He earned his green belt in karate and is now officially a wolf cub in cub scouts.

No vacations planned for this summer, as Carson and I were both in summer school. I spent five weeks with my boys in the extended school year program and Carson was enrolled for an enrichment program to give him a boost for second grade. I also had two more grad classes to time was kinda gone before we knew it!

Perhaps the BIGGEST thing we did this summer was move into a new house...of course moving is stressful under any circumstances, but we LOVE our new home. It is right behind the school where I teach and right across from the commuter train station that Wayne rides into work in D.C.
I am just about completely least the important stuff is. The where near done, will be a project for another day

As I look at the calendar now, I am both excited and a bit melancholy that the summer is about over....although with the record heat and humidity we have had this summer...FALL looks mighty good! Carson and I have spent some time at the water park and managed to unwind and relax some. I realized that I start back to school with trainings on the 23rd. Classes for students don't start until the 7th of September. We have given some thought to a short trip over the Labor day weekend... but nothing much is set in stone as of yet. I am excited to see my boys again...I really have missed them, and I DO, do much better with a structured routine.

I have also decided that I need to get back to my photography...while I am still an amateur, I love doing it. It fills me with a joy and a sense of accomplishment when I am able to capture something digitally and share it with others.

Life throws lessons at us each and every day, I have learned this summer particularly, how blessed I am! I have an amazing husband, who loves me unconditionally, as I do him. A son, who fills me with pure joy every single day, and friends that support me and love me.

So here is to NOT, hopefully going so long in between blog posts.........maybe!