Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Very Special Lady!

Today Carson and I ran to the mall to get a few errands done (Bath and Body Works had Wallflowers on sale, but don't tell Wayne). We planned on going in and eating a quick bite at Chik Fil A. When we walked in the first person I see is Carson's birth mother and her husband. We walk over and talk for a few minutes, getting caught up on things. Wayne and I run into them quite a bit, but Carson is usually not with us. Fortunately today he was. After we got our food, we went out and sat in the food court and I asked Carson if he knew who that Special Lady was. He said, is she the one who grew me in her tummy cause yours was broken? I said yes. He went on to ask if I ever had a baby in my tummy, and a couple other questions that pertained to the subject of adoption. I was impressed by the fact that he completely understood who she was and how special she is to us. While we were eating, I was thinking how cool would it be to get a picture of Carson and his birth mother, so I checked back where we saw them, but they were gone. I was a little disappointed, but prayed we would see them again, and she would be agreeable to a picture. We hadn't gone ten feet after my quick prayer... and there they were coming around the corner. I asked if I could snap a quick picture, and she said sure. (Wayne if you are reading this.... this is a HUGE hint for Mother's Day). I only had my camera phone with me..... I did not have my digital SLR, which is a little too big to schlep all over the mall. It really would have been nice to have a small inexpensive point and shoot camera... Like the Nikon Cool Pics... or something along those lines. But I digress, today Carson was able to put a face to the Special Lady. As soon as I have her permission to post the picture I will (talk about spitting image). She gave us a gift like no other, and this Mother's Day I want to honor her as my son's birth mother.


Kassie said...

I am so glad that you got your pictures. That is going to be priceless to Carson and You. It is good that Carson understands about his birthmom and that he is handleing everything so well. Is't it amazing how prayers work

Keri said...

Such an awesome day Kari! :)

Melissa said...

That is just a wonderful story! How special that he understands and is totally comfortable with his adoption. YOU are a great mother, Kari!!