Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Very Sad Day at the George Household

Ginger (1991-2008) and Petey
We lost a special member of the family today, Ginger my 17 year old dachschund died today. I originally bought her as a gift for my Father for Father's day, but it was obvious from the very beginning that she was going to be my dog. When she was a puppy she had a habit of running on three legs... she would lift one of her back legs and scamper around, it was quite comical at times. You could tell her to put her foot down and she would do it. She was also known to eat objects that dogs are not normally supposed to ingest. She had two surgeries on her stomach to remove foreign things that she had eaten. She had had two litters of puppies, that produced my brothers dog and my other dog Petey.
She was diagnosed about a month ago with cancerous tumors that were inoperable. We knew we only had a matter of time left with her, but knowing doesn't alleviate the hurt of losing her. She will be missed tremendously.
If you have never been owned by a doxie, you are really missing something. You are owned, you don't own them. They are notorious cover stealers, as well as heart stealers. They are extremely loyal and suffer from big dog syndrome.... you know little dogs who don't know that they are actually little dogs. They think that they are the biggest dogs on the block. Ginger was my bed partner long before Wayne and I got married, and she was able to steal his heart as well.
The last couple of years have been rough on her, she was nearly blind, and almost deaf, she was no longer a nice red colored doxie but she was grizzled with mostly grey. When I took her to the vet recently, she said that she had a lot of spunk left in her, and that we should enjoy the time at we had left.
It breaks my heart to see Petey running around looking for her, I don't know who will miss her more, him or us... I think we will both miss her tremendously.
We are going to miss you old girl!


Kassie said...

I am so sorry to hear about your dog I know that you will miss her a bunch. It is so true about doxie's they own you. I know mine does. Just remember the good times with her.

Wayne said...

Ginger, May you rest in peace girl. You captured my heart the first time I saw you. Growing up as a youg boy I had two doxies as well. The first one his name was Major I got him right after we moved to NH. He only lasted 12 years and I can remember how my mom cried her eyes out over his passing. My second doxie was named Fritz and he too was a good dog and kept my mom company after she lost her husband and I moved out, he lasted about 12 years as well. When I found out that Kari had two doxies, I fell in love with her, you and Petey rather quickly. Now that you are in heaven with Jesus I'm sure that you have already found our Garth. You no longer will suffer from your illness, and you can run, eat, chase, and cuddle with Garth and you will always be a happy dog. Kari and I will take care of Petey for you. He will be lost without you but we will help him.

We will miss you, Love Kari, Wayne, and Carson.

Sanela Kubiak said...

I am so sorry about your dog.