Friday, May 9, 2008

Pooh.... Then and Now!

The very first toy that I bought Carson was before he was even born. I fell in love with Pooh, the baby one, and I knew that he was going to be Carson's crib friend. I have many pictures of Carson and Pooh, but most were before digital. I found this one of Pooh and Carson along with Carson's other favorite thing.... his bankey. Carson was so in love with Pooh that I was really concerned for a while about him losing Pooh... so I bought a spare. Pooh went on trips with us to visit his cousins in El Paso and to the grocery store and to Mother's Day Out. Pooh had a place of honor and was very very loved. Fortunately, Pooh never got lost.

In the past year or so Carson and Pooh grew apart, and Pooh had to sleep in the wagon with the other stuffed animals. I guess little boys do outgrow somethings and he would tell me that Pooh was for babies, not big boys. He said he still loved Pooh, but he didn't need Pooh to go to sleep at night. Bankey is another story. Bankey has NEVER slept without Carson and I do have a slight worry of bankey going away to college with Carson, but that is another story.

When Wayne moved ahead of us to Virginia, Carson seemed to need a little extra attention at night. One night I discovered that Pooh has regained his place of honor, keeping Carson company at night while he dreams. I personally am glad to see him there, and you can tell Pooh is a little worn, a little dirty. But he is still Carson's best friend.


Carri said...

How sweet!!

Keri said...

sweet pooh and Carson!