Sunday, May 25, 2008

Family Photos 2008

My entire family is in town for the holiday weekend. It is also going to be that last time we will all be together as a family until at least Christmas. We decided that we needed to get a family portrait done seeing how the last one taken was in 1998. We have increased in numbers by four, with the birth of Hunter, Hannah, Carson and Peyton.

Originally we planned on hiring a photographer to get some nice outdoor shots. However, with it being the holiday weekend, it was near impossible to hire a professional. So we decided to wing it. We had a friend of the family come over and use my camera. We had planned for an outdoor shoot, but the weather did not cooperate, right as everyone gets set for the picture, the skies open up and it pours.... the hardest rain we have seen in Amarillo in months. So we move the shoot indoors. It is always a challenge to get pictures done with a few people... we were trying to manipulate 15! It was interesting to say the least. I think we did manage to get a few good shots. The rain finally let up, and we moved outside again. There is something about the colors after a rain, and the sun was just setting behind the clouds...really got some good pics! There are some shadows on a few faces that need to be photoshopped, but here are some rough pics.

This one has the entire family... all 17 of us!

All four of us kids with our spouses and children

Just the grandkids. They all had those Life is Good T-shirts on.

My sister Wendy, her hubby Richard and kids Hayden, Hannah and Hunter

My brother Brad, his wife Paige and their son Peyton

My sister Holly, her husband Mike and their sons Zach (oldest) and Will.

Finally Wayne, myself and Carson. This one needs some serious photoshopping! Too many wrinkles.


Kariberry said...

Love it! The indoor pictures turned out great. Nice family!

Carri said...

The pictures are great! No need for photoshop...I don't see wrinkles:)