Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Birthday Fun!

Yesterday was Wayne's fifty something or other birthday... I won't tell you how old he really is... but he is much, much, much OLDER than me. Anyway... he came home for Carson's graduation and the holiday weekend. He was supposed to fly out last night the 27th. About 5:00 pm he gets a call from American Airlines that his flights from Amarillo to Dallas have been cancelled. So he calls them back and not only his Amarillo to Dallas flight, but the flight from Dallas to Washington D.C. was cancelled as well. The flight to D.C. originated in Austin, Texas and pretty much anything going into or out of DFW last night was cancelled.

So we got to celebrate Wayne's birthday again...spur of the moment kinda thing. We decided to head out to the BIG TEXAN... a huge tourist type place. Very well known if you are driving I-40 for it Free 72 oz steak , if you eat it with all the trimmings in one hour. They also give you a free dinner on the date of your actual birthday. So we headed out and sidled up for some grub...Carson's dinner came with a free cowboy hat, so he was set. The wait staff is all dressed in western wear, the waiter for table behind us had on a gun belt and toy gun. Carson was fascinated with him and every time he walked by he asked if he was going to shoot him with his shooter. At one point I had to take Carson with me to restroom for a behavior talk, and as we walked down the row of chairs out of the dining room he exclaimed rather loudly "is that man gonna shoot me for not minding you"? Several people laughed out loud and I had trouble holding the snicker back myself. I explained that he was in trouble for not listening to mommy, and that the man wasn't gonna shoot him. Maybe that is what I need though... a man with a gun... sure did straighten his attitude right up.
Here are some pictures... I used my new little point and shoot. They did pretty good for the lighting.
Carson with the cowboy hat eating ice cream.

We spent some time in the arcade, where Carson proved to be a pretty decent shot.

Of course YOU HAVE to take pictures in the giant Rocking chair....

Out side there are several cheesy photo opportunities this one cracked me up... because Carson is too short to reach the hole for his face.

On another note several of you asked if Carson was real upset, or how he took the loss of his trampoline. He took it rather well, I think I am more upset than he is because it bought me a lot of time to get stuff done when he was occupied. We have discussed replacing it once we get moved... depending on the liability issues in the area we live in.

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