Monday, May 26, 2008

Ode to a Trampoline!

For Carson's fifth birthday we got him a trampoline. One with the padded poles and the net enclosure. Carson would spend many an afternoon on the trampoline, jumping and running, and basically just enjoying being a kid. He loved to put all of his soccer balls, and basketballs on the trampoline and jump with them. With the upcoming move we were trying to determine whether it would be something we would move or give away

Setting the up the trampoline last Fall
Complete and Carson jumping away!
About 10 this morning, Carson wanted to jump... so he goes out and runs back into the house really fast, exclaiming rather excitedly that someone took his trampoline! Wayne goes out back, and sure enough it's gone. Last nights storm took the trampoline out of the yard and blew it over a 6 foot fence and across a field and into the neighbors yard about 100 yards away. We had to clean up parts of the trampoline all morning long... there were springs and poles and nets, and mats... strewn all across the field and into the yard across the street. Thank God, it did not damage anyones house or property. It had to have been lifted straight up out of the backyard, and right over the fence....Not a mark on the fence or the house. From the way the poles were bent... it must have rolled... I imagine it was a sight to see. I wonder if we had been home if we would have heard it. We got home after dark last night, and no reason to go out back.
Close up of the mangled mess!

See the piles of poles.... there were several, I got tired of carrying them all to the same spot.. so I made several.

Kinda hard to see, but this is across the field, looking at the neighbors house in the next block where the trampoline ended up. I guess we don't need to worry about moving it now...


Carri said...

That is INSANE!!!! I know that is one less thing to move but that stinks.I too am glad that there was no damage to anything else!

Kariberry said...

Oh that's too bad. How sad for your son. How did he take it? Glad nothing was damaged.

Sunflowergal74 said...

oh Kari that's so sad. I'm sorry that happened to you guys. Poor Carson - I hope he is ok with it. Glad nothing was damaged!