Sunday, May 4, 2008

Vocabulary Lessons..... Carson Style

This is the dictionary of words very common in Carson's vocabulary. He had a significant speech delay and while we are beyond that, many pronunciations are not quite right. Language development is progressing, but sometimes he still struggles for the right word to convey his thoughts.

speed lemon n. meaning to drive the speed allowable by law.

juicy hill adj. n. A water filled pustule that forms under the skin when skin is irritated.

eye bobs n. The place where mommy puts her contact lenses.

1,2,3's Lunchables... when Carson was little we got some lunchables and I counted the meat and crackers etc. He has called them this ever since.

Bite You's. When Carson was 18 months or so, he developed a fear of the ceiling vents in his bedroom. To this day he is constantly looking up anywhere we go to see how many there are. He is no longer really afraid of them, but he counts them wherever we are.

Dumpter n. Anything can hold water and be dumped out. The best dumpter is the one at Splash... you know the dump tank.

Coppee n. Mommy drinks coppee every morning.

Just so you know.... we do correct his language mistakes, often times the word just sticks..and it becomes part of our vocabulary as well. 1,2,3's is a prime example.


Melissa said...

That's cute! I love those little words/phrases that just stick--ya know what I mean?

Melissa said...

I just want to also say thank you for the kind words and encouragement on my last post--it's so hard to please everyone when you blog, but I've decided that it REALLY DOESN'T MATTER anymore and I'll say and show what I want! Keep blogging too--I love reading it! :)