Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Getting Ready for Work - Commuter Style

This mornings commute was a little slower than normal due to not 1 but 2 accidents on the route that I take. The 2 accidents were about 5 miles apart, 1 was at the approach to the multilane I-95, I-495, and I-395 interchange. The other was at the on I-395 near Seminary Road. Thus this mornings commute I had the time to look around and I had the opportunity to visually see first hand a woman, a woman driver no less, in the car by herself getting ready for work. Now I'm not talking about applying mascara, or any other form of makeup, and no I'm not talking about her getting dressed while driving. Although it would not surprise me to see that at some point. I'm talking about this driver doing her hair. She must have been running really late this morning because the first thing I saw were these HUGE plastic rollers all throughout her hair. They weren't hard to notice see she was also driving a convertible and the top was down, and NO she wasn't a blonde. As the commute progressed and our vehicles would peridocally pass each others I could notice progress on her doing her hair a la commuter style. I did not see any curling irons (guess with the HUGE rollers) a curling iron is not needed. The last time she passed me as I was about ready to exit she had about half of them out. Eventually I had to exit and I'm not sure where she was headed to but I will admit that it did provide a great bit of chuckles not only for me but for other drivers. I wonder what tonight's ride home will offer up to keep me chuckling.

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