Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School Pictures.

Post count..... two for today....

The morning started out great... Carson got up and ready in record time. I gave him plenty of extra time just in case... I did not want him rushed and over stimulated on the first day of school. I think I gave him a little too much time, because after breakfast...which he gobbled down, he was ready to go...we still had 40 minutes before the bus would get here. I wanted to take pictures of him out front... so I shot a few, some of Daddy and Carson and some of me and Carson. The typical stand in front of the front door shot, complete with backpack and goofy smile. Wayne worked remote today...which was good for both of us, and he got to see an important milestone.

All the kids lined up waiting for the bus.... The little one on the end was still in his PJ's...and was seriously upset when big brother got on the bus and he didn't. All boys at our stop.

So Excited.... anxiously waiting.

Here Comes the BUS!

This is one HUGE step for Carson

But he made it up.....and got checked off by the bus driver. I really wanted him to turn around and look at me...cry for me... something... some acknowledgement that I am his Mother...that I am going to miss him terribly...but he did not look back... no bye mom... no nothing...He was too excited... and I am secretly glad he didn't put up a fuss that a couple of others did.

I will readily admit that I teared up as the doors closed and my baby rode away without me. I was thankful Wayne was home with me because we followed him to school in the truck. We waited for him to get off the bus at school... we waited and waited and waited... he was the last one to get off the bus. The teaching staff at the school met each child and looked specifically for kids with the kinder tags on. They were all color coded according to class that they went into. Each child was also stickered with a number that correlates with the correct bus for them to get on this afternoon. I resisted the urge to walk him into class, (he already told me to leave when he got to the bus stop) so Wayne and I left and drove home. It has been four hours and no phone call....so that is a good thing...right?

I will have another post later I'm sure...with the afterschool pictures etc.


Til said...

Awww, I so remember that feeling....especially the qualifications of the bus driver....That is so sweet. Hope you enjoyed the alone time with the hubby!

Today my mailman arrived and had an OH SO COOL package for me!!!! I was THRILLED...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keri said...

What a very special day in deed! :) Hope all is well over there. Think of you often and pray for a very successful school year.

BTW:Could you send me your new email address?

Amanda said...

How exciting!!! He is so handsome. It is such a bittersweet day when you send them off to school. Yeah Mommy for handling it so well. We miss you all!