Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day Three....

Every day that Carson has come home from school, I have ask him how his day was, and what did he do at school....You know typical questions...nothing too taxing or straining..... I think. His response every day so far has been "I don't want to talk about it". No matter what I try I can't get him to tell me what is going on. I try not to lead him, but the more I question, the more adamant he is about NOT talking about it. His teacher has promised me to be proactive and we have an open line of communication. Anyway, it concerns me a little because he usually is such a talker, wanting to let me know all about something. He is coming home from school ravenous and maybe that is it. He does go to all day maybe he is just having a difficult time adjusting to the new routine. Just in case I am going to email his teacher and see if he has any suggestions. I just looked over and this is what I saw.....passed out cold on my bed watching Backyardigans.

In other news.... One week from today my parents will be here.... we are getting very excited. Carson's birthday is also coming up on the 15th, and we have lots of plans swirling around for that too.

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