Sunday, September 14, 2008

D.C. with Family.

Yesterday was the first day of sight seeing in the D.C. area. The weather, which had been so nice and cool seemed to change back into the steamy humid soup that we have had off and on all summer. We did a few touristy things in D.C. Pictures, in front of the Capital.Drove through all the other spots... but it was, like I said very humid and crowded. So we did not get out at many of them. We had planned on driving out to Dulles Airport and visiting the Air and Space Museum (here) Wayne had been to the Air and Space museum in D.C. proper, but we saved this trip for when Momo and Papa were here. It was a fantastic museum. They have the Enola Gay (here) , and the Enterprise Space Shuttle (here) . They have a Concorde. So many unique aircraft from all over the world. These are all real aircraft suspended from the ceiling.Carson's favorite area was the Space portion. He loved the rockets, and the Shuttle. He had a great time, and I think my parents did too. If you ever get the chance to go to it, it's well worth the parking fee. If you join the Smithsonian, you receive discounts and other privileges. The museums themselves are free.

The above pictures are of some of the Mercury Mission And Apollo modules. Unfortunately I didn't pay enough attention as to which ones these were. All in all a very, very nice museum.... Wayne has already said that we will be heading back.


Miner News said...

How cool!!! I know Carson's birthday is soon so please tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Dustin and Dakota.

Kariberry said...

WOW how cool is that! You seen some cool stuff. I bet Carson was in Aww. :)
I haven't been to DC since 91.

~renay~ said...

That looks like an AWESOME trip!