Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Carson!

My one and only little boy celebrated the six anniversary of his birth. It was the most blessed day of our lives when we were literally given Carson. He was a miracle from the start. After trying for several years to have a child of our own, to be given Carson was the most amazing, miraculous, and life-altering moment of my life. His birth mother, an amazing woman, gave us the most precious gift possible. I am so very grateful for her gift to us.

I could ramble on about how much life has changed and for the most part for the better. Carson brings us joy constantly. He is precious, intelligent, amazing, rambunctious, industrious, red-headed, spirited, trying at times...but again, the most miraculous little person, I have ever been privileged to know. My whole life was created to be his mother... I know that, and it really defines who I am. A wife and a mother!

I had a vivid wake up call that he is growing up way too fast. Carson has had a front tooth that was loose for quite a while. We figured it was a few days before it was ready to come out...but I got to his school today for his party, and he greets me with a huge toothless grin. That's right he lost his first front tooth at school today. I remember when I taught second grade that many of my students were sporting the toothless grin, so I am sad to realize that he is loosing his a little earlier than most kids. It really makes him look so old.

Since moving here to Virginia recently, we figured that we would do a low key birthday now, and likely do a small party with a few of his classmates later in the month. So I took the afternoon snack up to the school today, and we celebrated with his teachers and his class. He was seated at the front of the class and they all sang Happy Birthday Cha Cha Cha style, then we had cookies and juice to celebrate..

He had his second birthday cake today. We got a cake and took it down to Richmond last Friday evening to celebrate with all the Virginia relatives. Awesome cake by the way... it was a layer of chocolate cake on the bottom and then a layer of white cake on the top. This morning I decided that I would make him a cake to have on his real birthday. I found a recipe for a "Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake" (recipe here). I honestly can say that I made my first from scratch cake today, and it was pretty darn good.He opened his gifts....the best ones of course, his MoMo and Papa came all the way from Texas for his birthday.


Anonymous said...

~Happy Birthday Carson!~!

Til said...

Happy Birthday Carson!

What an Adorable Toothless Grin!!!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Carson!!! Hope you had a wonderful day.

Kisha! said...

Awe - a little late but Happy Birthday Carson! Hope it was all the fun you ever wanted! And congratulations on the new lost tooth! What a milestone!


Kariberry said...

Happy BD Carson! What a sweet BD story!
Oh & Micah has 3 teeth missing in front.He lost 3 in one week. I should post that.

Kassie said...

Tell Carson happy late Birthday from Bella and I. I am glad that he had a good one.