Thursday, September 25, 2008

Visitors Visitors Visitor...

My last post this past Monday indicated that "I got a call from one of my cousins in New Jersey last night, it seems that we will be having them visit us this week. They should be arriving on Tuesday and probably leaving on Thursday. I have not seen Don & Fran since April of 2002 so this visit will be a good one although short. They are headed to South Carolina to visit Fran's sister and then they plan on heading to the Great Smokies".

I get home form work on Monday - Kari had spent most of the day getting the house reorganized from her parent's visit last week and when I got home on Monday night I was going to weedwhack and do a few other things as we were anticipating my cousins on Tuesday. So about 8pm just as I finished and was getting ready to eat dinner the phone rang and it was my cousins. They were in Lorton, VA, eating at a McDonalds and would be here (our house) in about an hour OMG the extra half day that we thought we would have just disappeared. I literally wolfed down one taco usually I have 2, and then I went about getting a few more things down around the house while Kari cleaned up dinner and straightened up a little more. Finally everything was done and I even had time to take a 5 minute shower and go sit on the porch before they arrived a little after 9pm. We had a great visit, having not seen them in over 6 years it was a good visit. I went to work on Tuesday and they went off and did something on their own and Kari made a great dinner for all of us and we had a great visit Tuesday night. On Wednesday they wanted to go to DC so I took them up on the VRE train / they really enjoyed that even when the engine quit and we had to disembark and take the Metro from Springfield to L'Enfant. We walked all over the Mall, did the National Archives that was AWESOME, did the WWII Memorial, and the Vietnam Memorial, as Don was over there. Fran's sister, Linda, her husband was killed over there and we found his name on the wall.

Around 3pm as we were still walking the Mall Kari calls me and lets me know that I am having company tonight - I go ok who - she says that my friend Steve from Florida is coming over to visit tonight - OMG - Steve and I talked on the phone last week and he never said that he was going to be up here this week, so I called him back and asked him to come for dinner and he agreed to. Needless to say that by the time Fran, Don, and I got back from DC on the VRE and to the house Steve had just gotten there about 5 minutes before us - Kari did an awesome job of ensuring that we had plenty to eat with the last minute guest. A good time was had by all, it was good to see Steve again as well.

There are some common threads in all of this - first Don is my cousin, and was a member of my 1st wedding as a groomsman, the last I saw Don was April 2002. Steve is a friend and was the Best Man at my 1st wedding - so he and Don and Fran had met before. The last time I saw Steve was in March 2002. So after 6 1/2 years I had family and a good friend for dinner at our Virginia house on the same night - how amazing is that!!!

Tonight Kari, Carson and I will be all alone in our house - so please give us a week... we will be ready for more!

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