Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What a Week!

We had the best week with my parents here visiting from Texas. We have driven back and forth to D.C. several times, and saw many wondrous things in our Nations Capital. We have eaten some fantastic food at great restaurants. We have celebrated Carson's birthday. Had a wonderful visit with Aunts, Cousins, Nephews, and family. I think we wore my parents out. I know I fell into bed every night plum tuckered out... I know they are tired too. Here are a few more pictures of their whirlwind visit.

We finally made it to the Vietnam War Memorial, and my Father was able to look up some of his old students and squadron mates. Very somber, hallowed place.

My mother managed to wrangle a squirrel, but couldn't find anything to feed the little guy.Last Friday, we drove down to Richmond to meet up with my mother's sisters, and their children and families. Carson managed to convince his second (or is it third cousins) that he doesn't cheat at Foosball.Carson got a HUGE package in the mail from his Aunt Holly, Uncle Mike, and cousins Zach, and Will. He had been anxiously waiting for this after seeing this post .
He loved the toys.... but like all the male children in our family... clothes were immediately tossed aside.All in all a fantastic week with family.... we already miss Momo and Papa... and are looking forward to seeing them again when we go home to Texas at Christmas.

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The Fields Family said...

I am confident the clothes phase will soon pass. Zach has become very concerned with his appearance and enjoys receiving clothes on any given occasion. Will is beginning to like picking out some of his clothes. Thanks for sharing!!!