Monday, September 1, 2008

Look Out McDonalds - Here Comes the Carson Burger

Tonight for our Labor Day Cookout we decided to do hamburgers over the charcoal grill, to enhance the burgers we have had some leftovers from the past couple of nights consisting of asparagus, shrimp / scallops, corn on the cob, and some home fried potatoes. I cooked the hamburgers and Kari magically reheated all of the leftovers. So we all sit at the table and Carson decides he wants a hamburger with no meat tonight, so this is his "Carson Burger" one toasted hamburger bun, slap a slice of american cheese on it, add to that a spoonful of home fried potatoes, a few slices of dill pickle, a couple of stalks of asparagus, and one shrimp that had been done up in butter and garlic the night before. There was less than a quarter of the burger left when he said he was done. So watch out McDonalds this might be the burger that downs your clown...LOL

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