Sunday, September 28, 2008

That Dang Tooth Fairy!

She had the audacity to track glitter all over my house.... from the front door, up the stairs around the corner and into Carson's room. Imagine his surprise when he lifted his pillow and found a dusting of glitter!

Seriously it seemed like a cool thing at the time, I used a super fine glitter.....but....Now I am covered with glitter, I had to wash Carson's sheets to get rid of it....which, did NOT get rid of it... it only redistributed it all over the next four loads of laundry. What man wouldn't like wearing glitter to work tomorrow....No wonder glitter is considered the herpes of craft supplies!


Wayne said...

That's why I'm at work nakked today....LOL

Nicole said...

*giggle* I read this on the MB and cracked up. You are so funny!!

Sorry about the glitter clean up!