Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Selected as Vice President

I come back from a meeting a little while ago and see the message light on my office phone is lit. I dial in to check the message and it is from Kari who is off getting her haircut this morning she leaves me a message to call her. I return her call and was informed by Kari that she has been chosen to be the Vice President of Carson's School PTA. Let it be known that my wife is now a VP (like soon to be Sarah Palin) the funny part is that she signed up at the Open House at the school a couple of weeks ago and has yet to pay her $10.00 fee and she is already VP - so does this mean that men in black will be shadowing her around? Will she get special access to the school bunker? Carson will want to know if she will be able to fly on Air Force Two - he knows all about the President and Air Force One. So please send her congratulations and donations to her non existent campaign fund will also accepted.

This message was NOT approved by John McCain or Barack Obama but it was approved by Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton.

Congratulations Babe - Love you.

Updated... I am not the VP...Wheeew! I am helping anywhere I can though... I really need to step back and learn a year first.


Sandra T. said...

That is great!!!

Kariberry said...

Too cute Wayne! Congrats Kari! I'm sure you will do very well!!

Vicki Sullivan said...

congratulations and how cute