Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Much Fun....Round 1

Ok...I looked at the calendar and it DID say that today was March 2nd. Right? The weathermen were joking last night that we are 4 weeks away from the Cherry Blossoms...and this is what we have this morning.

We are still getting accustomed to the weather here. One difference we have noticed.....when it gets stays cold. In Amarillo, it could be 75 degrees one day, and 6 the next. Constantly changing weather. We have had some warmer days here and there, but they seem to be few and far between.
This snow started yesterday afternoon, and it was snowing continuously for about 16 hours. Weathermen locally have been complaining about the lack of snow for this season, are all now rejoicing that at least they got this one right. As of last check we have about 9-10 inches. The sun is starting to peek through as I write this, so it looks to be a beautiful, crystal white afternoon. A bit windy, but with very few drifts.

Carson woke up this morning, and was chomping at the bit to run outside and PLAY! I did manage to get him to at least wait for me and his dad. Wayne chose to work from home after our power went out sometime during the night and the alarm didn't go off. So we have a day to play!

School was called out last night, and the ONLY schools in the area that are in today happen to be the schools in the District. Hmmmm wonder if that was because of the Presidents comments during the last minor snowfall. Calling us wimps....We most likely will be out of school until Wednesday, at the earliest...could even be until Thursday. Time will tell. Hopefully, they can get the roads cleared and we can back in sooner.....I have a full plate of school work to do, and NEED to get it done.

This was last evening after about 2 hours of snow.
The same shot this morning...this is the backyard.This is off the front porch.The snow measures about 9 inches...up to Carson's knees at times.I LOVE this picture.....gotta catch some flakes!Can't tell but this is a drift behind the truck...Carson was standing.We got the sled out and walked across the street for a couple of quick runs. It was really deep out in the open, and Carson (and mom) had trouble walking back up the hill.It was even too deep for snow angels.....this is the boy attempting to get up after he failed at making one.Carson managed to make a couple of mean snowballs...and NAILED Wayne!

Of course Dad had to have the LAST word...and Carson got a face full. This quickly ended round one of the snow play..... I am sure we will be back again this afternoon.Petey...did NOT like the snow at all..... he couldn't walk in the deep he did all his business on the driveway where it wasn't as deep.

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anita said...

These are GREAT pictures! So glad you guys had a fun day! :)