Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a Difference a Week Makes!

Last was cold, and snowing....while I don't have the official totals (11 inches in our backyard), we missed 2 days of school plus had a 2 hour delay on Wednesday when we finally got back to school. Yesterday it hit 78 degrees....sunny, slight breeze, and beautiful. Today temps topped out at about 83 degrees. Gorgeous! Crazy weather! I guess all areas of the country have crazy weather, here is definitely no exception. It just really makes me long for the warmer weather to hang around a bit. I am not looking forward to the humidity and heat that comes with summer, just some nice warm weather.

Tonight we took a walk to the park down the street. We stopped and talked to neighbors we haven't seen all winter, and enjoyed the extra daylight. We opened all the windows and aired out the is amazing how stuffy a home can get all closed up. I am kinda itching to do some spring cleaning, and plant some flowers. But... tomorrow is Monday, and back to work, and from what I understand the temps are supposed to drop back to the 40's for a high temp. It was good while it lasted!

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Sandra T. said...

That's crazy weather!!!