Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Blogoversary!!!!!

I cannot believe that it has already been a year since I started this blog. Originally it was created as a means to update Wayne while he was in Virginia, and we were still in Texas. I once felt compelled to post each and every day....now I am lucky to post once a week. I have used this blog as a sounding board, a place to share some moments in our lives that were glorious, and some that were the hardest things we have ever had to deal with. Now this blog mainly serves to maintain contact with family and friends in Texas.

The purpose may have changed, and that is ok. Life has changed tremendously for the George household. We moved across country away from family and friends to Fredericksburg, Virginia. We left some amazing relationships that we were blessed with, only to find we have been blessed here with some pretty awesome new friends. We are building some new relationships that are taking us in directions we never imagined.

Carson started Kindergarten, and is thriving in the structure of an all day program. He is reading, and growing, and learning new things everyday. I swear if he stands still long enough you can see him actually get taller. He rebounded quickly and made many friends at school. He still has some issues, but we seem to have a hand on them, and it helps that he continues to have amazing teachers.

I went back to work....seriously not something I had planned on doing, but now it has evolved into something I need to do. Not only for the joy of teaching, but for the relationships that I have made in the workplace again. (Those relationships are somewhat hard to kindle when you are self employed). As it stands right now I will be teaching the rest of the year, not in the Special Education classes that I love, but I will be coming back after Spring Break as the Art teacher. I keep telling myself that this is a GOOD thing. I do after all have an Art degree, I have never really used, and I will still be in the classroom, and I will still get to see my special kiddos, if not everyday then at least once a week. I will admit to actually dreading this stint in Special Ed, and look where that got me :) So......perhaps...... God willing, I will enjoy teaching Art as well.

I am starting classes this summer to get my Master's of Education In Special Education....another degree, but one that I am really looking forward to using.

And just because... here some links to some of my favorite posts over the past year. Seriously...we have done so much and seen so much, I cant begin to put all my favorites on here...but here are a few standouts!

Crabs and Scenery

Peach picking

First day of School


Ok... I gotta stop... there are a few more to post.... but seriously...does anyone ever click the link??? Besides I wanted to post some pictures that I took yesterday. We went up to D.C. after all. The weather turned out amazing, Carson was punch drunk from being cooped up for four days, and he was back to normal. So here are a few teasers..... more to come in a future post.

Smiles everyone... and thanks for reading for the past year!


Keri said...

What a journey you have been on!!! God is amazing in His love and devotion to those who are faithful to Him. You guys are proof.

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary!

Kariberry said...

Congrats on your 1 year blogging! It has been great keeping up with you, reading your blog over the last year. I have enjoyed following you!
Carson has really grown up.

Congrats on teaching too. :)