Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm NOT Gonna be the MOM of the YEAR!

This is what I found last night when I opened Carson's lunchbox.... a can of dog food that I got out to feed the dog before school...... I guess mornings have been a bit crazy lately.... and I knew I took out the dog food...looked for 10 minutes for it...gave up and got another can out.

For some reason Blogger or my photo storage program won't allow me to correct the photo, but it reads: I got a kick out of Carson's unusual snack item today! He had an "on the road day" (YAY) But was barking from time to time. Mr. Ward.

Seriously....can I be any crazier!!! I know that this will seriously hurt my chances for mom of the year...Oh well there is always next year!


tara said...

you do know that your april fool's jokes are supposed to be on april 1st. hehe

anita said...

Proof that we all have too much on our plate (or in your case, dog bowl)! Thanks for the great laugh of my day!

Anita :)

Kassie said...

that is great. At least you can have a good laught about it now.