Monday, April 6, 2009

Cherry Blossoms!!!!

Last Sunday, we had decided that it was too rainy, Carson had been sick, and it just wasn't looking like a good day to drive up to see the cherry blossoms in D.C. We went about our morning, I even blogged that our plans had changed, then about 11 am, the clouds parted, the temps warmed up to about 70 degrees, and Carson was bouncing from being cooped up for almost five days. I looked at Wayne and said we really aught to just go ahead and we did. What a good decision that was!

Wayne dropped Carson and I off on the north side of the Tidal Basin and we slowly made our way around to the west side of the Basin. The trees were almost at peak bloom, and it was seriously like a fairy land walking under the canopy of blossoms. Take a close look at this picture.... do you see any railings along the walk????? Nope! Sidewalk ended at the edge of the water, and Carson loved to scare the heck out of me and get as close as possible, without me having a heart attack! This plaque says: The first Japanese Cherry Trees Presented to the city of Washington as a gesture of friendship and good will by the city of Tokyo, were planted on this site March 27th 1912.

From what I understand most of the original trees were destroyed due to some ailment that they brought over. There are a few of the originals left, but not many. What are there are STUNNING! Most have been replanted over the years.

Just a cute picture of the boy..... he is really turning into a little model.

Close up of some full bloom trees! The Jefferson Memorial across the Tidal BasinThe Washington Monument through the trees.

As we were walking we came into the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial gardens and falls is really a beautiful place along the Basin. There are several waterfalls, and the trees make an awesome backdrop.
The GQ pose....After spending the afternoon walking around the Tidal Basin, we treated ourselves to a late lunch/early dinner at our favorite seafood restaurant Phillips. Phillips is on Maine street right beside the Washington Marina, and the seafood markets.The huge copper pots steaming all the clams, mussels, shrimps and crab.
Carson LOVES Snow crab, and can crack crab like a pro!
After lunch we strolled through the fresh market and looked at all the variety of seafood available to buy. This is an open air market, and believe me when I say you can buy practically any seafood, I mean anything! Carson was amazed at the live blue crab!We had a great time, made some awesome family memories, and started what I am hoping is a George family tradition. If you ever get the chance to be in D.C. or anywhere close to D.C. during the Cherry Blossoms bloom...DO IT! We have two extra bedrooms and can provide travel up and back.... It is amazing experience and something everyone should see firsthand.


Keri said...

Just gorgeous!!!

Housewife Savant said...

What a timely post.
Your pix are a treat for the eyes, because the only thing blooming elsewhere is BLOOMING COLD.

anita said...

We'll see you next year! :)

~renay~ said...

Gorgeous pictures....I can't believe how big Carson is getting. You are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area!

RaisingRowdyBoys, Missy said...

Oh I am soooo jealous! Almost seemed I could smell them through the screen. God has blessed ya'll with such a beautiful place to live. What a great yearly tradition.....