Saturday, November 8, 2008

Autumn Splendor! (picture heavy)

I know, I now you guys are probably sick and tired of seeing all my Fall photos. It has to be because it is so new to us. Having lived for the past couple of decades on the vast treeless prairies of Texas, it is so nice to see seasons changing with such vivid color. Today we did not travel far at all, we drove into Falmouth, and explored an old cemetery and church. We walked a path to a park behind the cemetery and just had fun, took pictures, and played.

There is a shortcut that we take home often off of route 1. It cuts back by an old cemetery. There is an old church building facade, but it is only about 6- 8 feet wide. It has a historical marker, I was chasing the boy so I didn't read it. Really unique and fun to explore.Carson trying to peek in the keyhole.Trying the door.
We played in the leaves
Posed for pictures...Carson is a real good poser!Took a hike, and just enjoyed the beautiful weather. I can almost hear the whistling from the Andy Griffith show on this one.More pictures of the boy....My FAVORITE shot of the day!
Thanks for indulging me. :)


Keri said...

That first picture is PERFECT!!! Carson has grown a foot since you've left.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing all the beautiful sites you see. Like you say, we here in the Texas prairie do not get to enjoy all the wonderful vivid color.
We sure miss you guys, but are happy that you are so happy!

Petrel said...

MoMo and I were raking leaves (well,I was, anyway) when MoMo exclaimed "Look at all the twigs and leaves that Carson missed!" He is the one who slips the leaves between the cracks in the deck, who always picks up the little twigs and fallen smaller branches.


Momo and Gramps

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at these pictures girl! Carson is getting so big and I love his hair longer like that.

Nicole said...

Wow it is SOOO beautiful there!! We have snow at my house right now. I just love all the pictures. Doesn't his red hair look so darling in those colors!! What a cutie!

Kariberry said...

Hansome little boy! I love these pictures!!

rowdyboysmom said...

I am soooo jealous!! Fall is my FAVORITE and I have never seen anything but the panhandle. Breathtaking scenery. Carson has grown, and those pictures are precious.