Tuesday, November 4, 2008

VOTE....I DID Yeah!

I have voted in every Presidential election since my first one...Ronald Reagan (his first term) can't remember the year...silly I know. Anyway there is something totally liberating knowing that at least I did my part... I have nothing to complain about... I made my voice heard. Please do your part.... and VOTE.

Also please check the previous post for some corrections.... I was mistaken on a few important facts. Thanks!


Wayne said...

I too voted - if anyone cares...lol

anita said...

ME TOO!!!! Waited an hour and a half but it was great! :)

(and i care, wayne, especially if you voted for McCain)

Kisha! said...

I care Wayne!
I voted too! Good for you! I think this year we will see record numbers at the voting booths. I know personally I saw many people there who I'm sure never voted before. They didn't know how to work the levers! LOL