Sunday, November 23, 2008

Trains, Trains, and More Trains.... oh and Santa Too!

Yesterday we had plans to got to the model train show here in town. Admission was pretty cheap, so we made an afternoon of it. There were all sorts of trains...tiny models ( I am not a model train aficionado, ask me about Geo Trax... and I can answer you) so I am not sure of the gage of these trains, but I think they were the HO gage.Larger gage and some really big gage trains as well. Carson was fascinated... he has always LOVED trains... and had never seen that many in one place. He was so focused on the trains that I could not get him to look at me for anything! Finally got him to turn around.These photos aren't the greatest quality...was using my little pocket camera, and I am not used to the lag I kept on missing the trains...

I was a complete basket case... they had the trains themselves roped off, but the dealers had some very, very expensive antique engines etc. on the tables. Carson reached over and picked up one, and I about died when I saw the $495.00 price tag on it. I carefully pried it out of his hands, and apologised profusely...The dealers really need to get a clue though... this place was full of kids, an accident waiting to happen. Needless to say we did not spend a lot of time with the vendors.When we first walked in we were all three given a door prize ticket and we weren't there for ten minutes when Carson won a door prize. He won a real nice framed print of Santa and a train at Christmas. We will definitely use it with all our Christmas stuff this year. He was kinda upset that his prize wasn't a real Polar Express Model train....but that just leaves the opportunity for us to consider that for the future if he really shows an interest in doing the models.Right now he is still interested in the TOYS... I don't freak out when he touches these.

Santa was there and I wasn't able to discreetly listen to what he wanted... so I am sure that we will see Santa again soon. I really want to go to Tyson's Corner and see THIS SANTA.
I am 99.99% positive that this was a female Santa... fooled Carson... which is a good thing... cause he is already asking "those" questions.

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Miner News said...

I am there with you on ask me about Geo trax. I can tell you all about that. Thankfully we have a formal living room that has NOTHING in it so I will be able to set theirs up in it. But I have to admit that I have a model train it goes with my Christmas village which is not getting put out this year. have no idea to put it. Anyways now that i have talked or wrote your ear off. i will let you go. I still need to post pics of the new house. Have to get back in the groove of things still.