Monday, July 7, 2008

Crabs! and Scenery!

I just found the USB cable for my point and shoot camera, and remembered that there were some pictures from last week that would be blog worthy.

While we were PATIENTLY waiting for the truck to deliver our stuff...we spent four nights at a hotel. So every evening we would find a different place to eat, and kinda get a feel for the area. One night we found a Joe's Crab Shack... I know that there are tons of fresh seafood places... but at the time we did not know where one was. Anyway...Carson always eats my crab legs whenever I get crab legs, so tonight we ordered him some of his own. He had a great time eating and learning how to correctly crack crab legs. He ate every last one... and wanted more.

The next day, Carson and I spent the day learning the area while Wayne was at work. I found a road that led to the coast of the Potomac. It was a stunning drive, through the backwoods region and very winding and canopy covered drive. I had seen some signs stating that there was a beach area about 12 miles down the road.... and Carson being Carson wanted to play in the sand. At the end of the drive there was a restaurant on a pier in the water by a boat slip area. This was a little resort type area called Fairview Beach, Tim's 2 was the name of the restaurant/bar. The sign as you walk up the boardwalk to the restaurant says welcome to Maryland. The state boundaries are right at the water's edge... so realistically as soon as you put your foot in the water, or on the boardwalk you are in Maryland. Anyway I was telling Wayne about our travels that day and we decided that 12 miles from our house is not too far to travel to Maryland for some fresh seafood. We headed out and soon realized that this was the same route that we took two summers ago when we went to Pax River for a Vacation before heading up to D.C. Anyway we ate at Tim's 2 and it was actually very good. I had a crab cake sandwich, and Wayne had humongous fried clams.

After supper, the sun was setting and Carson and I headed out on the pier itself and took some pictures. This is looking S. towards the Chesapeake Bay

This is NW looking up river and the point in the distance is part of Quantico Marine Base.

Just a nice view of the opposite side of the river into Maryland.Carson Playing in the sand along the bottom of the pier

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Kariberry said...

WOW what beautiful pictures! So nice you got to take a break from unpacking and have some fun.