Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's the Little Things that Make me Happy!

Really it is.... Today was a very busy day... got up early and decided to head up to the church that Wayne had been attending when he first moved here. Carson and I both really liked it. It was very similar to what we were accustomed to in Amarillo and I can see us really getting into it here. It is a bit larger than what we are used to, but that can be a GOOD thing.

Before we left, I checked out Craig's List for some bargains in the DC area. I found a family that just got new furniture due to a remodel. They were giving away a almost brand new microfiber overstuffed chair and ottoman. I immediately posted with my phone number we headed to church. Got a call from the owner and he said it was still available and we made arrangements to get it after church. From the picture posted on Craigs List I knew it was a good chair and FREE made it even better! We loaded up and headed home. Hit a little rain on the way home, but did not affect the chair at all. I will post pictures in the next day or two when I get it moved upstairs.

This evening Wayne got around to hanging my quilt rack. This is not just any quilt rack, it is very special because my Dad made it for me when Wayne and I were first married. It is solid oak and I love it! I love that it showcases some of my most treasured items. There is another bar that crosses the front, but I need two more little holder things as one broke a while back and I must of lost one in one of the moves. (Dad this is a MAJOR Hint) Anyway it is also special because I LOVE quilts, I especially love ones that are old and made by hand. Every one I have is made by someone special. My Grandmother hand pieced two of them and my Mother-in-Law made several more. I love that each piece took them time, love and patience to cut and put together to create beautiful patterns and that they each tell a story. I have the Lone Star Quilt (yellow background)made by my Grandmother, she told me that she actually used some of my Aunts and my Dads clothes from their childhood in that one. Then I have two double wedding ring quilts, both made by May, my dear Mother-in-Law. One was hers from her marriage, and one she made for Wayne and I that fits a king sized bed. While it is only 11 years old or so, she made it for me, and I love it. There are several others that I don't have the names of, but I treasure all of them. I would love to have some of the ones from my Great-Grandmother someday too! I also have a bedspread that my Grandmother crocheted for me when I was a baby. It is made out of cotton crochet thread and she once told me it took her over a year to complete. She also crocheted a strand of my hair in the corner of the bedspread. It very heavy and sooo amazingly beautiful. If there was ever a fire in my house the first non-animate things I would grab would be the quilts and bedspread. I would toss them out the window and grab the scrapbooks.

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The Fields Family said...

I still have my quilt rack hanging in our room. Do you remember when we were little and used our small quilts on our twin beds? Mine is a fan quilt that is worn and tattered, but still very sentimental. Mike's grandmother quilted too, so we have heirlooms from both sides of the family also.