Friday, July 25, 2008

My New Addiction!

I absolutely HATE paying full price for anything....I will shop until I find the best deal, use coupons etc... I discovered Craigs List a while ago, but In Amarillo the listings were sparse. Here in NOVA there are hundreds of postings a day. Wayne actually found the house we are in on Craigs List. Since we donated so much stuff before the move and all at the last minute, we are a little short in some furniture areas. But I don't want to get anything expensive. I have been scanning CraigsList and Freecycle looking for deals. It has almost become a game to see who can get something first. Yesterday I found a medium sized entertainment center for....$20.00. It is not fancy and definitely worth the $20.00. It looks good and has extra shelving with it to boot. We are going to use it in our Master bedroom so we can get the TV off of the dresser. I am currently on the lookout for some bookshelves for Carson and for the basement.

IF you haven't found Freecycle yet... it is really neat too... everything is free...some good stuff...some cr@p. It is a yahoo group so search Yahoo groups for your area and join. It is like garage selling from your computer. I donated a bunch of moving boxes on Freecycle... saves me putting them in trash or recycling and helps someone else out.


Sandra T. said...

My sister found a jogging stoller [you know the ones with 2 wheels in the back and one in the back] for $20. Those things are over $100. Now that's a deal!!!!

Carri said...

I too have a new is Suduko! I swore I would never get into it and couldn't figure it out......well I did! I have been staying up just to get a few done! I love ya and am really missing you guys!