Sunday, July 6, 2008

Exploring the Area....and Lovin What we See!

We kinda took the day off from unpacking and decided to explore the area some. Where we are living is five miles from the large bend in the Potomac River.... only short hop to the Chesapeake Bay. Then water is still very salty and believe it or not... there are beaches. Carson has been after us since we got here to go to the beach, meaning Virginia Beach. Since we don't really have the time to take that trip right now...we decided to see what these beaches had to offer. This area is called Aquia Landing and is a Stafford County park, with lifeguards and full facilities. There is a cardboard boat regatta next weekend we might check out too.

This is looking across the river into Maryland. It was kinda humid and hazy today, but it is about 3.5 miles across. That is a duck blind... I think.
The boy enjoying the sand... he said he really liked this beach because it did not have big waves.
Looking downriver at some of the landscape.
When we left this morning, we headed up North to Woodbridge about 15-20 miles. I had my very first experience at IKEA... and I will tell you I can see myself doing some serious shopping in that store. I loved the fact that they have drop off babysitting... Carson loved it also. They have a restaurant inside... that was actually very good. All three of us had a hot meal for about $14.00...including drinks. It wasn't typical fast food either... it was Swedish Meatballs and mashed potatoes, bread etc. Kids meals start at .99 cents. Anyway... we did some window shopping...trying to find some bookcases and stuff for the new house.

After IKEA we ran next door to Costco... again a new experience... very similar to Sam's... but a lot of home style stuff, and seemed to have a broader range of products. We also have Sam's club and BJ's wholesale club too. The shopping is definitely something to look forward to.


Holly said...

It looks like Carson had fun at the beach. I remember going to IKEA with Linda. I too loved the store. You will definetly enjoy the variety of retail stores. Linda took me to Leesburg to visit an outlet mall. You'll have to check it out.

Sandra T. said...

I've looked at ikea online and have found a book shelf that would look fabulous in my scrap room. Costco is my fave [so is Sam's]. Love the clothes there.