Friday, July 4, 2008

*Happy Fourth of July* Lots of NEWS

Lots of News in the past couple of days. When we were about 45 miles out from our final destination on Sunday night. I get a call on my cell from Carson. He was all excited because he pulled his tooth in the car with Daddy. He still can't whistle... but he sure sounds cute with that little lisp. He also discovered today that his top tooth is loose too...the boy will seriously be a snaggle tooth then. He thinks that he really will whistle then. Thursday... this was a welcomed sight for us... our truck 4 days late... but there all the same. It took the four guys about 6 hours to unload. As they were finishing up... I asked if they were going to set up the beds and assemble the tables etc. They told us that they were not supposed to set up anything. I was a little upset... and I guess it showed on my face, because the next thing I know... they were in the house assembling the beds. I guess they felt bad for me.. or realized that they needed to get it done. This is last night after I have unpacked 50% of the kitchen boxes. I am going to put my boxes on Craig's list and see if I can get rid of them. We are in a mandatory recycle area... and I can't see putting all this out for the recycling trucks to pick up. This one is this morning... I can actually see counter top in this picture. I am having a difficult time trying to figure out where to put everything in the kitchen. There are lots of cabinets.... but there are only half shelves in each one... not the best storage options... but anyway... I will get it done. This is looking from the kitchen into the family room. Boxes everywhere... and more than I want to think about unpacking. I have run into a few that were packed at the end of the move, and they are always fun... finding the bathroom stuff with tools from the garage. Just trying to fill boxes.
Look closely at this picture. Carson has had more fun playing in the packing paper. It has really been a great babysitter for us. The pile is actually about half again as tall, and even more fun now.Finally tonight being the 4th, I cooked the first meal in the new house. Hamburgers on the grill, potatoes and onions in foil(hobo potatoes) and baked beans. Since we used charcoal we had hot coals for quite a while so Daddy went to the grocery store and got the fixins for S'mores. They were really good, and ohh so much better when marshmallows are toasted over charcoal. Then at dusk we went out front and lit our sparklers, and watched all the neighbors shoot off fireworks. Carson was really impressed because they were shooting them off right in their driveways. We have met some really nice people here already. It is the kind of neighborhood that everyone sits on their front porch at night or walks the neighborhood and chats with everyone else. Something we have not had since I was a child. Carson has met a little boy down the street named Joey... he has invited us for a play date one day next week. He is really excited because he has a new friend already.

If there is one complaint I have about this house... well two actually..the landlord or previous tennants were not the best house keepers. I have found congealed food crusted on the top shelves of the cabinents....grease buildup in the range hood and on top of the microwave. However, the biggest complaint I have is that when ever they painted the walls etc... they never taped off the trim or the molding... or put down drop cloths. These are things that Wayne would not look for, so I cannot blame him for that...Every single door frame in the house needs to be repainted and cleaned up a bit. I know that I will be busy getting all this done to my standards...Anyway... it is late... we are EXHAUSTED... and have a ton to do tomorrow!


Kassie said...

I am glad to know that you got all of you stuff. I know that it is over whelming but hang in there. That is great that Carson has made a friend. But he is a frindly kid and know he will have lots of fiends in no time. Have fun and keep in touch.

Sunflowergal74 said...

Kari! I'm so glad you are all moved but I don't envy you any of that work you've got to do! Hope Carson has lots of fun on his playdate!