Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's Not SPLASH!...but it's Still good Mom!

"This is Better than the Splash Dumpter!!!"
Yesterday Carson earned an afternoon of swimming. He has minded rather well the past week and we have been promising him a trip to the pool. Within 30 miles from the house we have 4 major water parks...but they all have major prices associated with them. There is a YMCA right around the corner from our house that has a water park similar to Splash, but we haven't decided if we are going to join it or another one yet. Stafford county has several pools that are available to county residents and they are open year round. They have large bubble structures that they place over the pools for the winter months. Most of the pools have Olympic size pools with smaller play pools for the kids. The one we went to yesterday had a splash pad too. I had never been to a splash pad, and thought Carson would really love it, especially if there was a dumper tank. I was right, Carson had a ball... he came up to me and said that he liked it better than Splash, because it had 5 "swinging" dumpters. It had alternating fountains that came up out of the ground, 3 water cannons, 3 seat sprinklers, and lots of other COOL stuff.

Waiting on the dump tank to dump

Some of the assorted fountains.

We are going to try out a different pool next week until we find the one that is just perfect for us.


Kassie said...

I am so glad that you found a water park to go to. I know that Carson loves the water. I am also glad to know tat you are getting out and learning the area. I miss you a lot. Have a great time exploring.

Melissa said...

Just wanted to say that I do still read your blog, and I am glad Carson is finding fun things to do. It looks/sounds like your family is fitting in to the new environment very well. Take care and we hope all continues to work out great!