Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My SCORE from Sunday!

This is the chair that we picked up Sunday off of Craigs list. I think I did rather good. It has some minor flaws... a cat had clawed it in the back but you really cannot tell. It is comfortable, and it works well with our tan leather that we already have in the family room. The first picture is with the flash, and the second shows more true color.
Petey making sure it was safe and ok to bring in the house.The very best part of the whole thing..... IT WAS FREE! I am looking at a futon for the basement tonight. I can afford to be picky... but I LOVE to be frugal.


Kariberry said...

Hey nice chair! And you're getting mail.

Miner News said...

Yes I miss you!!!!

Sandra T. said...

What a great lookin' chair. Free is always good!!!