Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Just wanted to drop a short post about how good God is. I am going to admit that I was really not happy about moving to Virginia. I wasn't dead set against it, but I never really voiced my concerns. I was afraid that this would be a huge mistake, that we would never be able to pull ourselves out of this cycle of moving that we seemed to be in. I would pray every single day for something, anything to happen so that we would not have to move. Then once I realized that there was no getting out of it, that we really would be moving 1600 miles away.... I started the rationalization that it will only be until Wayne gets a good job back home. After all it happened before when we were first married. I moved to Wichita, Ks. and after a year and a half Wayne had a job in Amarillo.

Now this is HUGE for me... I can honestly say that I really really am enjoying living here. Carson LOVES it... he loves going out in the evening and catching fireflies. He loves all the trees. He loves the green. He loves his school...we registered yesterday. I love all the windy roads. I love that it feels like we are in a small rural community, when all I have to do is drive 10 minutes and I am in some of the best shopping ever. I love exploring and finding a new way to get somewhere. I love picking a direction and just driving, knowing that I will hit either I-95 if I go west or the water if I go east. I love the beauty of the water. And I love that my son is getting to do some of the things that I got to do when I grew up in Virginia Beach, like playing in the woods, and building forts, and sweating as soon as you walk outside because it is so stinking humid. I love that we have neighbors that are open and friendly and most of all welcoming. I love that while we haven't found a new church yet, I know that God has the perfect fit for us. I love that Wayne is loving his job, and he is actually excited to spend so much of his day commuting on the train. He is getting to do some pleasure reading for a change. I love that he usually gets home in a good mood.

One thing I really am not loving is that fact that while all this is good and we are settling in...I miss my family and my friends. It is much easier nowadays with the Internet and phones and such. But I wanted all of you to know I do miss you, Carson says daily that he misses his Momo and Papa, his friend Caden and his teachers, Ms. Heather and Ms. Denyce.


Kassie said...

I am so glad that things are going good for ya'll. I know that you did not want to move but it sounds like things are going good there. I miss you. Take care and tell Carson

Carri said...

We miss you guys too! I am so glad we hav ethe Internet and are able to keep in touch that way! I am glad that y'all are settling in and hope we can come visit in the next year!